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Miansai has a fleet of five vintage trucks and travel trailers.

It’s not brick-and-mortar or e-commerce.

Michael Saiger, founder of Miami-based jewelry brand Miansai, has found a way to expand his business without investing, in the strictest sense, in more brick-and-mortar stores, Fashionista reports.

But that doesn't mean he's turning to e-commerce.

Instead, he's taking his jewelry to the streets with mobile stores. He uses five vintage trucks and travel trailers.

The mobile units are now on a summer tour, selling at hotels, festivals, beaches and other locations, according to Fashionista. Miansai is stopping at locations ranging from Montauk, NY, to Los Angeles International Airport.

The business has two actual stores — one each in Los Angeles and New York. Products include "simple-yet-statement-making, subtly nautical cuffs and rope bracelets," Fashionista explains.

But in this uncertain retail environment, Saiger isn't committing to more brick-and-mortar locations. He prefers to grow via the relatively lower-risk strategy of putting more mobile units in high-profile locations, such as airports.

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