Here's what the Brain Squad plans to carry.

The Vegas shows are fast-approaching, and after that, the holidays will be here before you know it. It's time to think about how you'll freshen up your store with some exciting new offerings.

Our style expert, Becky Stone, is forecasting these three trends as the hot sellers for 2018, and according to our Brain Squad, she’s right. We surveyed 226 storeowners and managers, and here’s how they view our picks.

Rose gold. Among our respondents, 79 percent plan to stock this superlative staple for the holidays. "Rose is strong for us both in colorful gemstones and diamonds," says Annette Kinzie of Leonard Jewelry in Stillwater, OK. "We have been investing in it for several years and see it gaining even more popularity."

Message jewelry. With these talismanic pieces, your clients aren't just buying an accessory, but also making a statement — literally. Forty-six percent of respondents plan to carry these items for the holidays. "Children of the 'Marketing Age' are at their maximum spending power, and they seem to want slogans to either empower themselves or just to get through the day," says Alan Lindsay of Henry’s in Cape May, NJ. "But we say, 'Bring It On.'"

Statement earrings. This is a category that's made a comeback over the past year or so, and half of our respondents say they'll stock this category for the holidays. "We find earrings are the one item left that women will drop big bucks on without having to clear it with a spouse," says Jo Goralski of The Jewelry Mechanic in Oconomowoc, WI.

In coming days we'll share more highlights of our Vegas Buying Guide. Be sure to check out the full report in the June issue of INSTORE.

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