Palladium Alliance will award two rings by Zeghani.

Palladium Alliance International has announced its latest social media promotion, called the FANtastic Sweepstakes. The promo awards two winners a ring by Zeghani after its conclusion in May. “We chose Facebook as the primary driver for our consumer campaign,” said Ellen Fruchtman, president of Fruchtman Marketing, PAI’s marketing and communications agency. “It allows us to develop a direct conversation with those consumers and better understand what they want and, more importantly, what they like.”

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“Halfway Through the Sale, We Already Did a Year’s Worth of Volume”

Torin Bales says he was “blown away” by Wilkerson’s results after the company ran his retirement sale. “When you hire a consultant, you have to let them take control,” says the Texas retailer. After all, if you’re like most jewelers, you only retire once. Get the maximum return on your life’s investment. Turn to Wilkerson & Associates and let your new life begin!


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