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All Sights on Silver

Don’t look now, but here are some of the season’s hottest silver looks, focusing on the ear, lightweight layers and sculptured shapes—with a nod to restyled baroque.

Going for Baroque

You can call it fancy. We call it fantastic! With scrolls, weaves and other intricate flourishes, designers are showing off some stylish, baroque-inspired silver designs this season. With or without gemstones, it’s a look that’s fresh, hip and very on-trend.


Samuel B.
MSRP: $408
(855) SAMUELB |

Belle Ètoile
MSRP: $595
(415) 626-9223 |

Phillip Gavriel
MSRP: $281
(212) 382-3340 |

MSRP: $495
(303) 530-1268 |


Silver Statement Earrings

This year, there are so many flattering new silver earring styles that it’s difficult to pick just one. No matter the look—long and lean, sculpted or hooped—silver earrings are an affordable fashion statement and a vital part of every woman’s wardrobe.

John Atencio
MSRP: $395
(917) 952-4538 |

Bastian Inverun
MSRP: $289
(401) 667-7279

E.L. Designs
MSRP: $143
(800) 828-1122

Pamela Zamore
MSRP: $320
781-956-4390 |

Frederic Duclos
MSRP: $248
(714) 898-3636

Elizabeth Garvin
MSRP: $2,870
(212) 420-9470


Lean, Light and Layered

Delicate layers of sterling silver chain necklaces, bracelets and even earrings, tasseled and layered, is a fresh, new look for silver lovers. The combination of thin silver jewelry–draped or stacked, one on top of another–creates a sheer, shimmering look that’s simply delightful!

Lika Behar Collection
MSRP: $990
(201) 933-7200 |

MSRP: $$175-$485
(303) 530-1268

Alex Woo
MSRP: $128
(212) 226-5533

Martha Seely
MSRP: $260
(617) 899-2162

Phillip Gavriel
MSRP: $197
(800) 622-0960

E.L. Designs
Heart: $165 Dove: $154

(800) 828-1122


‘80s Redux

We remember the lithe and supple styles that epitomized fashion in the ‘80s. These sculptural shapes are reappearing this season in silver jewelry that’s as sculpted, clean and modern as the best of that decade. When designed in sterling, with highly polished, hammered and blackened finishes or exciting splashes of color, the ‘80s come alive.

Elizabeth Garvin
MSRP: $6,530
(212) 420-9470 |

MSRP: $455
(800) 917-2228

Gabriel & Co.
MSRP: $225
(212) 519-1400

MSRP: $150
(646) 880-3756

Bastian Inverun
MSRP: $1,279
(401) 667-7279

Kelim Jewelry Design
MSRP: $130
(301) 448-7367


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