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New rules for ?America’s coolest stores’

FOR YEARS, we’ve fought the idea of tinkering with INSTORE’S most popular annual feature, our ?America’s Coolest Stores? contest. But this year, we’re ready to tinker. 

For the first time, we’re going to have two competition categories ? one for bigger stores and one for smaller stores. The determining factor for whether you should enter in Category I or Category II ? or, as we’re calling them internally, ?Big Cool? and ?Small Cool? ? will be the number of full-time employees in your company. 

If your company has more than 10 full-time employees, you should enter Category I (?Big Cool?).  

If you’ve got 10 or fewer, enter in Category II (?Small Cool?)

Inevitably, your first question will be: Who counts as a full-time employee? Anyone, outside of yourself and your spouse, who works in your company ? including your head office ? on a full-time basis. This includes security guards, accounting staff and other positions.  


To enter, check out our entry form on pages 124-125 of this issue. Then fill up a manila envelope with the very coolest stuff from your store and send it to us at: INSTORE’S ?America’s Coolest Stores,? 45 West 45th Street, Suite 808, New York, NY 10036. 

Entry deadline: Friday, April 18.  

Write it down, and don’t forget. This is your chance, no matter how big or how small your business is, to show everyone that you’re one of the country’s very coolest jewelers.  

Looking forward to your entries, and to our biggest contest ever! 

Wishing you the very best business

David Squires 




Wilkerson Testimonials

Wilkerson Helped This Jeweler to Navigate His Retirement Sale Despite a Pandemic

Hosting a going-out-of-business sale when the coronavirus pandemic hit wasn’t a part of Bob Smith’s game plan for his retirement. Smith, the owner of E.M. Smith Jewelers in Chillicothe, Ohio, says the governor closed the state mid-way through. But Smith chose Wilkerson, and Wilkerson handled it like a champ, says Smith. And when it was time for the state to reopen, the sale continued like nothing had ever happened. “I’d recommend Wilkerson,” he says. “They do business the way we do business.”

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