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Smart Managers: Monique Shire




Smart Managers: Monique Shire



Published in the September 2013 issue

Wilson & Son Jewelers

As an integral part of Wilson & Son Jewelers’ management team, Monique Shire oversees the Mt. Kisco, NY, location of the 108-year-old, Scarsdale-based business. Shire works closely with owners Michael and Matthew Wilson, usually touching base several times a day. She has been with Wilson & Son since December 2006; prior to that, she sold loose colored gems for 25 years with her father’s company, Maurice Shire Inc. Shire has spent most of her free time raising her two daughters, now 17 and 20, but she also enjoys movies, theater and singing in the choir at her synagogue. “My secret, hidden second career would probably be cantor,” she says. “I have no formal training, but I love it.”


I LEAD BY EXAMPLE. I offer praise and acknowledge success. And if there’s a situation that does not go the way a sales associate expected, we discuss it as a team and come up with solutions. I work with our team in a way that empowers them to be successful.

UNDERSTANDING the luxury customer was the most important skill I brought with me, as well as a knowledge of high-end colored gems and diamond jewelry. The transition to retail was relatively easy.

I’M A PEOPLE PERSON, I enjoy speaking with people and getting to know them. My favorite part of the job is making people happy, whether a customer comes in for a basic repair or a special anniversary diamond.

THERE IS NOTHING LIKE the feeling when one of our clients comes into the store and says, “Look what he gave me! I absolutely love it.”

ONE OF MY FAVORITE occasions is “just because.” It’s really exciting when a guy comes in and buys something “just because.” That’s the definition of romance.

IN MY OPINION, the most important characteristic in a salesperson is someone who is comfortable talking to people, someone who is friendly, outgoing and a good listener. I can teach product and technical knowledge. What I can’t teach is personality.


NEVER FORGET TO LISTEN. Ask a client a question, then be quiet and listen! One of the biggest mistakes sales people make is they talk too much. If you listen, the customer will give you a lot of information. That information will assist you in being sure that what you offer your client is exactly what they want. Information is power.

WE DO NOT work on commission. We work as a team. If one of us is working with a client and can’t seem to connect, we will turn the sale over to someone with a similar personality to suit that client.



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