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Smartwatches on the Sales Floor? Our Brain Squad Weighs In

do you or don't you: Three out of 4 surveyed stores allow them to be worn.





Do you allow staff to wear smartwatches during working hours?

Yes: 77%

  • In today’s world, their cellphone is a tool. They need to be connected to it at all times. However, we have the conversation about being an adult, and if I see them abusing privileges, they lose the privilege. — Christopher S., Wexford, PA
  • We do so much business via text and email, it’s important they receive notifications immediately so they can respond quickly. — Jeremy A., Los Angeles, CA
  • They know better than to use them during work hours. — Holly M., Astoria, OR
  • We use Podium, so you can quickly glance and see if you need to respond quickly. — Valerie G., Edenton, NC
  • With programs like Clientbook, our staff is connected all the time. — Trevor W., Myerstown, PA
  • We sell them at the store. Garmin only. — Jonathan C., Southern Pines, NC
  • My professional staff is trained that customer service is foremost on the sales floor, but never forget that my jewelry team comes first. Family emergency calls take precedence, but that is a rare occasion. Interruptions on the sales floor can impact a closing. We all value our work ethic and go out of our way not to interrupt but support each other, including silencing or ignoring smartwatches. There is a time and place for everything. — Denise O., La Grange, IL
  • They are trendy and here to stay. — Dorothy V., Tallahassee, FL
  • Easy for them to text me if I am needed up front. — Linda G., Kearney, NE
  • It’s better than their phone in their hand, and they can see that quick text message that they would otherwise stop and go to the back to check their phone. Addiction is a tough thing. And we are all guilty. — Amber G., Katy, TX
  • As long as they are silenced and they return correspondence on a break. — Rick W., South Jordan, UT
  • We like to count our steps, LOL. — Sherrie S., Tigard, OR
  • We prefer they wear brands that we carry, and most often they do. We just don’t make it a big deal and make sure they have access to purchase or earn our product, and we find that our entire staff is excited to elevate to our brands. — Natasha H., Bend, OR
  • I wear one! Health trackers are really cool. — Jill K., Danielson, CT
  • I use mine for my heartrate. It also keeps the cellphones tucked away. Fewer distractions. — Cindi H., Foxboro, MA

No: 23%

  • We all own our own Citizen watch and wear it because that’s what we sell. — Niki N., Lyndhurst, OH
  • No one has one here, but I would not want them wearing one if we don’t sell them. — Don U., Wethersfield, CT
  • I don’t think anyone in the jewelry biz should be wearing smartwatches. — John M., Big Rapids, MI
  • Couple of reasons. We have a large selection of watch brands; we can’t sell the traditional watches if staff is wearing a smartwatch. Also, they are a complete distraction. We don’t allow personal cellphones on the floor either. — Michelle T., Brookfield, WI
  • They are there to work. Not to be on their phones. Sorry, but there is a lot to do at my store! — Tommy T., Perry Hall, MD
  • It’s just my wife and I, but we sell what we wear. A smartwatch doesn’t put off the right vibe. — Rick N., Fernandina Beach, FL

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