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Smile Week, Garage Sale Day, the 100th Anniversary of the First Radio Ad, and More Dates to Mark in August

As well as a day to celebrate — and profit from — “happy accidents.”





28 100 years ago, a Long Island station broadcast THE FIRST RADIO COMMERCIAL. It cost $100 and dragged on for 10 minutes. Today, you can get 30- or 60-second spots for less than that. It’s true people will search for jewelers on Google when they need one, but if you’ve established a relationship via mass media first, your chances of getting the sale skyrocket. Consider a campaign this summer.

7 During SMILE WEEK, be daring: Promise to refund the cost of any gifts that fail to bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

13 It’s NATIONAL GARAGE SALE DAY, so encourage those clearing out their attics to bring in their goodies. It likely means appraising lots of junk, but it also means new faces in the store.

18 On SERENDIPITY DAY, the idea of “happy accidents” sounds like a great theme for a sales event — either with surprise giveaways, or as an excuse to try something like a marketing exercise you’ve never done before. You never know.

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