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Soothe 3 Common Customer Pain Points with Diamond Hunt

Address customer concerns with a platform custom-built for independent jewelers from GN diamond.




(PRESS RELEASE) Clients need your knowledge and guidance to help them make the best possible purchase. The GN Diamond Platform was built specifically to help you offer the guidance they crave while addressing their most frequent fears and concerns when buying a diamond. Drawing on insights from over 2500 independent and family-owned jewelers across the country, we’ve developed the tools you need to deliver the presentations customers want.

Take advantage of GN Diamond’s exclusive online inventory and extensive sales, training, and marketing tools to solve the three biggest pain points for every customer walking into your store: discomfort with the loupe and tweezers, lack of knowledge of the 4 C’s, and fear of overpaying.

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An Interactive Digital Sales Experience

With the GN Diamond Platform, you can give the end consumer an interactive shopping experience through your website and in-store while answering their questions about why certain diamonds appear to be cheaper online.

Here’s how Diamond Hunt — GN Diamond’s online loose diamond database and search portal where shoppers can view $70 million in online inventory not found on any ecommerce website — addresses clients’ core concerns:

  • Discomfort with loupe and tweezers.
    Diamond Hunt replaces the use of cumbersome loupe and tweezers with an interactive digital presentation. Instead of trying to discern a diamond’s color and clarity through a blurry lens, show shoppers an ultra high resolution, 360-degree view of the loose diamond and its natural birthmarks.
  • Lack of knowledge of the 4 C’s.
    While showcasing the diamond’s digital, 360-degree view, you can educate the customer on the 4 C’s in a way that’s both fun and compelling. Point out color, clarity, cut, and carat size while comparing various stones — along with third-party light performance grading and Gemprint ID.
  • Fear of overpaying
    Diamond Hunt enables you to make direct comparisons between a diamond in your inventory and a diamond sold by a “discount” internet retailer. After seeing how each diamond’s brightness is graded by an objective third-party, customers are able to understand why one SI2 is better than another. The fear of overpaying is transformed into a desire to get the greatest possible value from their purchase — a desire you are now perfectly poised to fulfill.

A Powerful Advantage You Can’t Afford to Miss


Gain multiple points of distinction to dazzle buyers and strengthen your negotiation power. The GN Diamond Platform offers many features that help you build trust with customers and deliver a persuasive presentation. Thanks to convenient, ongoing, expert sales, training, and marketing resources, you can improve the in-store experience and build an ongoing relationship with customers to generate repeat business.



Wilkerson Testimonials | Zadok Master Jewelers

Stick to the Program — And Watch Your Sales Grow

When Zadok Master Jewelers in Houston, Texas, decided to move to a new location (they’d been in the same one for the 45 years they’d been in business), they called Wilkerson to run a moving sale. The results, says seventh-generation jeweler Jonathan Zadok, were “off the charts” in terms of traffic and sales. Why? They took Wilkerson’s advice and stuck to the company’s marketing program, which included sign twirlers — something Jonathan Zadok had never used before. He says a number of very wealthy customers came in because of them. “They said, ‘I loved your sign twirlers and here’s my credit card for $20,000.’ There’s no way we could have done that on our own,” says Zadok. “Without Wilkerson, the sale never, ever would have come close to what it did.”

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