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Ron Kruse on Radio: Sound of Desire




Selling jewelry is all about emotion, says Ron Kruse. And radio is the perfect way to create it, if you take the right approach.

How can you market your store and your products more effectively? Ask yourself these questions.?Why do people buy jewelry?? ?What motivates them?? The answers are not need, but desire. They are motivated by emotion. That’s exactly why radio is such a great marketing tool. Radio, better than any other media, can create desire.  

Here’s the catch. Your commercials have to be written to appeal to the emotions of the person you are trying to reach. Let us imagine you want to sell anniversary rings. Your first instinct is to start talking about these gorgeous diamond anniversary rings you have and the great price you are selling them for. Save your money. That won’t sell a ring. Think about who will be buying the ring. Your commercial must appeal to the husband. He wants to be thought of as romantic by his wife. He wants to give her an anniversary gift that she’ll be thrilled with. He just doesn’t know what to give her or how to do it. 

Write your commercial from the husband’s point of view. Picture the thought process that might lead to him giving her such a ring. Here’s an example of a commercial our clients use to sell anniversary rings. 

Title: Anniversary Ring: 60 seconds
?Life … just seems to race by. Seems like only yesterday you walked down the aisle with her. Now the kids are grown and it’s just the two of you again. So how do you tell her after all these years … she’s still the most important person in your life? With a diamond from Smith Jewelers, of course. A diamond anniversary ring. Because it says that the years haven’t changed a thing. She’s still the girl who stole your heart that evening long ago. And though the years have passed, the love you feel is as unchanging as each remarkable diamond in the band you’re giving her today. An occasion like this deserves a ring of quality. And it’s nice to know that with all that quality, Smith’s Jewelers offers exceptional value, too. Life does race by … too quickly. Every once in a while, slow it down … and remember the moments. Smith Jewelers. Corner of First and Elm. For all the moments of your life. Smith Jewelers.? 

You can use this approach with nearly every product and service you sell. But remember, it works best on radio because radio forces the listener to see the picture and the play in his or her mind. In the process of creating that mental image, you are creating something else that is very important. It’s called ?top of the mind awareness?. A connection between a product or a service and your business name. Now, when that husband who has heard your commercial, is faced with buying an anniversary gift, the gift and the name that will come to mind first will be yours. 


One final note. Don’t try to do this with 30-second commercials. Sixty seconds gives the story time for the romance and emotion to develop and that will sell you and the product.



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