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Sparkle Cut Technology Now Making Its Services Available to the Jewelry Industry

It is now being offered as a “Sparkle Improvement Service” to diamond industry manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.




The Sparkle Cut Process

The Sparkle Cut Process

(PRESS RELEASE) SAN DIEGO, CA — Cars have been improved with GPS systems; phones have been improved with cameras. Is it not time that the sparkle of diamonds, which is incredibly important to consumers, be improved? Not a new shape, color, setting or number of facets, but an actual substantive improvement in the amount of sparkle that diamonds display to the naked eye? A California-based firm focused on disrupting the industry, thinks the answer is ‘yes’ and the timing is now.

Sparkle Cut Technology (SCT) substantially improves the visible and measurable amount of sparkle of natural and lab-grown diamonds by redirecting beams of light that have been trapped inside a diamond back up through the table, where the light meets the eye. Sparkle is optimized using proprietary algorithms and highly sophisticated manufacturing techniques typically used in the biotechnology and semiconductor industries. There is no change to the structural integrity of the diamond.

Sparkle Cut Technology is now being offered as a “Sparkle Improvement Service” to diamond industry manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers; anyone who may have an interest in bringing diamonds with exceptional sparkle and incredible beauty to consumers. Benefits to industry participants of offering diamonds with SCT may include: higher sales conversion rates, greater sales and profit margins, higher profits and cash flow, and an increase in reputation for innovation. Retailers may also entice consumers to come into their stores with innovative “Updating & Improvement Service” events.

Sparkle Cut Technology is a low-cost service with the price based on volume and carat weight; it is not a branded line of diamonds. Industry participants can brand their diamonds or private label them. Diamonds with Sparkle Cut Technology will soon be sold at a well-known, multi-store retail jewelry chain. In addition, Sparkle Cut’s management is in preliminary discussions with manufacturers who are interested in licensing the technology and manufacturing abroad.

diamond before and after SCT

Before + After: A standard diamond (left) and a diamond with Sparkle Cut Technology (right)


The real test of the benefits of Sparkle Cut Technology emanate from the company’s “Seeing Is Believing” approach. Industry participants are amazed when they realize that I-J-K color diamonds that have been Sparkle Cut look more beautiful than diamonds with much higher color and clarity and cost about half as much. Sparkle Cut Technology can currently be used on round diamonds of any color or clarity; the service will be available on fancy shapes in the future.

For those interested in seeing Sparkle Cut Technology for themselves, the company offers to send a demo diamond for review. Alternatively, SCT invites manufacturers and retailers to send five or more diamonds to their facilities, to which Sparkle Cut Technology will be applied.

The SCT management team consists of four executives, three of whom are industry veterans, having spent more than 25 years in jewelry: Kalpesh Jhaveri (, Pat Henneberry (, and James Dimick ( The fourth member of the team is Sparkle Cut’s co-founder, Patrick Hopf (, an experienced investor and executive in consumer companies, including thirteen years as the chairman of the Sleep Number Bed.

While the company’s original plans included a consumer-facing brand and branded diamond line, Mr. Hopf explained “we realized we want to take our technology and make it available for all interested parties, not limit ourselves to competing as a brand.” He continued, “Everyone deserves diamonds with exceptional sparkle.”



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