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Spiff of The Month: September 2013



Spiff of The Month: September 2013


Published in the September 2013 issue.


A good game to use with sale staff who are learning new skills. Salespeople must meet minimum daily goals (such as approaching a certain number of customers) to avoid earning a hangman part. Those who have drawn a full hangman by the end of the week are assigned a booby prize such as a cleaning duty. Salespeople still with a free-hanging noose win a prize ($25 cash, a come-in-late ticket, etc.). By setting reasonable goals, you will encourage your people to apply what they’ve learned in training out on the sales floor.


1 Work out what goals the sales associate must meet each day for the game’s duration (could be a weekend or a week).


2 Print out pieces of paper illustrated with the hangman’s scaffold and noose and with each player’s name on top, and distribute them at the morning meeting when you kick off the game.

3 Mark up the papers at the end of each day.

4 Play Chopin’s “Funeral March” at your game-ending meeting when you hand out the booby prizes.

SOURCE: Taken from Harry Friedman’s The Retailer’s Complete Book of Selling Games and Contests.
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