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Jewelers on Why Melee Matters
Jewelers on Why Melee Matters

As a jeweler, you know that to create truly fine jewelry, you need to sweat the small stuff. That includes the small diamonds. Mismatched or low-quality melee can sabotage all the work you put into crafting high quality designs. And sorting, grading and matching small diamonds can be a big headache too. The right melee can save you time and money and make sure that the quality of your jewelry really sparkles.

Jewelers on Why Melee Matters

What Retailers Say: With help from the experts at White Pine, we surveyed 100 retail jewelers to find out what they look for when buying melee diamonds. Here’s what they said:

  • Surprisingly, 40% said convenience was the most critical factor, even more important than quality or price.
  • Accurate grading of melee is very important to 100% of the jewelers surveyed.
  • Jewelers expect consistent VG or EX cuts.
  • Finding the right melee supplier can be challenging: 80% said they had experienced quality issues with past suppliers.
  • The vast majority of the retailers surveyed said that selling recycled goods is a positive factor the industry should embrace.

The Right Supplier Makes a Difference:

Jewelers surveyed said the accuracy of White Pine’s grading was 4.6 out of a possible 5. The company also received a rating of 4.8 for its service and 4.4 for its pricing. Jewelers’ comments on White Pine’s melee included: “I get excellent service and quality goods. The convenience is fantastic,”“Very happy I’ve found them and will continue to do business with them until the end.”

White Pine CEO Benjamin Burne said: “I’m pleased we scored highly, although we will continue to strive for even more excellence in everything we do.” White Pine recycled natural diamond melee is expertly restored and recut for “as new” quality and consistency. It offers tight calibration with a tolerance of +/—0.05mm, so you can create gorgeous custom designs and be confident the melee will be perfectly matched. With no minimum order requirements, easy returns, and overnight shipping, buying from White Pine means you only have to pay for the diamonds you use. Contact White Pine today to discover how its recycled melee diamonds can improve your quality and bottom line.

White Pine has diamond melee in stock and ready to ship. New customers can get 30% OFF their first melee or jewelry order up to $500 in total savings.

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