Chain Reaction

How to survive and thrive at 40? For Royal Chain, it’s all about
building on one golden moment.

We all remember those heady days. The year was 1978 and “disco fever” was in the air. From coast to coast, jewelers were selling karat-gold chains like proverbial hot cakes. If the flapper was the symbol of the “Roaring ‘20s” and the poodle skirt the uniform of the ‘50s, nothing signified the ‘70s and ‘80s like the karat-gold chain. 

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Which makes it only natural that Royal Chain would come to pass. Born in New York City—where its headquarters remains today—Paul Maroof established Royal Chain in 1978. The basic idea was simple enough: Offer a wide variety of top-quality karat-gold chain to jewelers, manufacturers and designers at the industry’s best prices. Deliver them next day and—oh, yes—guarantee that chain for a lifetime.  

This formula for success is still in existence. Of course, Royal Chain still sells hundreds of different styles of karat-gold chain in a variety of gold colors, in 10K, 14K and 18K. But though the company has diversified with sterling, stainless steel and alternative metals, it’s Royal Chain’s extensive karat-gold jewelry collections that form the core of its business and have contributed so much to its success.

These collections extend from the classic to the cutting-edge—with everything in between. Styles can change on a dime, and today’s younger consumer wants karat-gold jewelry that is as fresh as today’s changing looks. Royal Chain continually expands its gold designs to meet these demands, bringing to market fresh, fashion-forward jewelry sure to attract a new generation of gold lovers—while never losing sight of the classic gold designs upon which the company was founded and whose allure continues.

Royal Chain predicts market trends by staying in close touch with retailers around the country and knowing what their customers want. It’s this market intelligence that has helped to introduce fully-branded collections to retail stores so quickly, complete with merchandising programs that might take months for other companies to complete. “Responding to what consumers want—and doing so quickly—is something that has worked very well for us and for our customers,” says Phillip Gabriel Maroof, the third-generation member of the family to manage the 40-year-old firm. 

So whether it’s the Royal Chain Gold Collection of classics or Phillip Gavriel 14K designer gold, experience, service and selection continues to serve as the firm foundations of a jewelry giant whose founder saw a market trend way back in 1978—and never stopped building on it.

1. 14K yellow gold Marquis link necklace with white gold accents | 2. 14K yellow gold 3-row panther link bracelet | 3. Double row X ring in 14K | 4. Emoji-inspired 16” necklace with heart-shaped eyes in 14K yellow gold | 5. Delicate double-tassel necklace in 14K yellow gold | 6. The Presentation Box holds 16 chains on each of its 4 pads; The Box is free with an initial purchase of any 64 karat-gold chains.