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Start the Holidays Off Right with These Tips for December

And for the things that don’t go quite so well, we share a fun way to flush them away.




Start the Holidays Off Right with These Tips for December


The end of year is a time to reflect … and then move on. To help with the process, business author Dan Pink recommends a small ritual based around a toy toilet (there are an astonishing number on Etsy). Simply bring the error, missed goal or disappointment to mind, and then hit the toy toilet’s trip handle and flush it away. “Extract lessons, but it’s also important we don’t wallow in those mistakes,” says Pink.


Dinner out is a tested and tried way to improve team bonding when you need staff to come together for a demanding period like the holiday season. But there are options, especially if you have a mostly female staff … or guys who appreciate a pampering. We’re thinking a trip to a spa. Apart from the fun, your entire team will go into the key selling season with immaculate fingers — all the better to show off your immaculate jewelry.



Good deeds are good for the world, and the doing of them is surprisingly good for us. In his book, Give And Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, organizational psychologist Adam Grant introduced the term “5-minute favor.” It is the practice of carving out five minutes of your day to do something that will benefit others: call a sick friend, go the extra mile in mentoring a seasonal temp, remember to compliment your neighbor’s storefront — without expecting anything in return. It will put you and your store in the right positive frame of mind for the holidays, which are, of course, about giving and celebrating sacrifice.

MARKETINGImages Work Quickly

The brain can process images at amazing speeds, with recent research measuring it at about 1/20 of a second. What does it mean for you? Images are a great way to get your message across quickly in your holiday email bulletins. The blog team at Constant Contact compiled a handy list of tools and resources for Christmas-y images (view it at to help you quickly create more engaging holiday emails and social media posts.

MARKETINGPartner with Micro-Influencers

If your holiday season marketing needs a late boost, consider a micro-influencer (fewer than 100K followers) to help get the word out in your local market. According to a recent article in Forbes, they work fast, can target a niche audience, and are “often considered more reliable by their followers as well.”

SALES FLOORBring the Joy

You’ve done everything you can to prepare for the holidays. Now your job is to enjoy the company of your precious friends and customers, urges Denise Oros, owner of Linnea Jewelers in La Grange, IL. “Bring your joy skills to the store every day. Create that overall experience, from the greeting to the festive employee atmosphere to the awesome-sauce exchange and perfect packaging pick-up. Customers have to feel loved. It’s time to be Santa!” she says.


MARKETINGEschew Old Photos

In much the same way that glass smears can erode the allure of a case of jewelry, so can poor images in your social media channels. “Whatever you do, don’t post pictures on Facebook featuring old elements, not to mention poor photography,” advises Gene Spratford of Spratford Fine Jewelry in Overland Park, KS.

MANAGEMENTTweak Your Goal-Setting

2023 draws closer, and with it the tantalizing thought of what you might be able to achieve. The consultants at McKinsey recommend setting an “aspirational goal” and an “acceptable result.” An ambitious goal raises your odds of success. But it also boosts your odds of feeling like a failure. In contrast, if you fall short of the aspirational goal but hit the acceptable one, you haven’t failed.



This Third-Generation Jeweler Was Ready for Retirement. He Called Wilkerson

Retirement is never easy, especially when it means the end to a business that was founded in 1884. But for Laura and Sam Sipe, it was time to put their own needs first. They decided to close J.C. Sipe Jewelers, one of Indianapolis’ most trusted names in fine jewelry, and call Wilkerson. “Laura and I decided the conditions were right,” says Sam. Wilkerson handled every detail in their going-out-of-business sale, from marketing to manning the sales floor. “The main goal was to sell our existing inventory that’s all paid for and turn that into cash for our retirement,” says Sam. “It’s been very, very productive.” Would they recommend Wilkerson to other jewelers who want to enjoy their golden years? Absolutely! “Call Wilkerson,” says Laura. “They can help you achieve your goals so you’ll be able to move into retirement comfortably.”

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