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SING ALONG, EVERYBODY. ?On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …?

We all know, and love, this classic holiday song. But like many, many songs (e.g Bruce Springsteen’s ?Born in the USA?), it’s one of those ditties we belt out from our bellies without really absorbing the words we’re singing. I mean, what kinds of gifts are these that your true love is giving? 

Of course, the five golden rings could be valuable, depending on style and karatage. But we could definitely do without the four calling birds (noisy), the seven swans a-swimming (think of the extra pool-maintenance charges), the eight maids a-milkin’ (fine, if you’re single … and into that kind of thing), the three french hens, the ten lords a leapin’ (see ?five maids a milkin’?), the two turtle doves, and the partridge in his pear tree (uhh … what’s with all the birds already?) 

Alright, let’s face it: your true love doesn’t know squat about what you really need.  

But Instore does. And we prove it this issue by going out and getting you a Christmas gift that you can really use ? this month’s lead story ?Holiday Success: The 12 Ways of Christmas.? As opposed to all the prepping and planning we’ve been trying to help you achieve in our last two issues, in this story we’re out to provide you with instant satisfaction. You’ll find the one dozen most valuable holiday behaviors you can engage in, on the fly, to help build business and win customers. And the best part is you can benefit from them regardless of how much you have (or … gulp … haven’t) prepared over the last few months.  

Together, we think they’ll give you the greatest holiday gift of all:  


One store a-sellin’.  

Wishing you the very best business …
David Squires 
Executive Editor And Associate Publisher 
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