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Summer Success, Kudos to the Real Deal, and More of Your Letters From July

Plus one jeweler feels betrayed by his suppliers.




  • I want to express my gratitude for the diligent efforts of Kate Peterson in presenting the monthly “Real Deal” column. Her informative collective allows owners and managers to be prepared for the “bizarre and unknown” challenges found in retail jewelry transactions. Consistently presenting various options for those of us blindsided by these often-ugly situations allows us to create solutions, sustain opportunity and do effective damage control. My respect and appreciation to all of the brave, brilliant problem solvers who offer unique insights often accompanied with great scripting. Quickly becoming one of my most anticipated reads in INSTORE! — Denise Oros, Linnea Jewelers, La Grange, IL
  • [Regarding Jo Goralski’s column entitled “Wisconsin Jeweler Sees the Beauty and Necessity in Shop Dust,”] what a lovely recognition for the unsung heroes in our trade! The talent needed to successfully execute our industry’s precious works of art is immense. As a manufacturer of castings, we always say it is with the bench jeweler that the rubber truly meets the road. We cannot fully judge product quality in any other way than what is revealed on the bench. So, whether you are a manager, coworker, or a vendor, it is important to honor the wisdom coming from the bench. — Teresa Frye, Techform Advanced Casting Technology, Portland, OR
  • Sales are up from 2020. Lab-grown has been hot; it seems our clients seem to think it is a “smarter” decision. When you put mined vs. lab-grown next to each other with prices, the client is drawn to the lab-grown because they can’t see the difference except for price. — Charles Wallace, Curt Parker Jewelers, St. Louis, MO
  • After reopening in June of last year, we had some people that did not want to come back to work, or only work limited hours. Instead of hiring, we decided to open only four days a week instead of seven. What a great decision!! We are doing more business than ever and enjoying more personal time! — Doreen Vashlishan, Werkheiser Jewelers, Bethlehem, PA
  • After 40 years in the business, I discovered loyalty to one supplier is the wrong way to go, something that will change … quickly. To the younguns out there, spread your business around, gain a wide circle of suppliers, and remember loyalty to a supplier only works one way. You may think you have built a relationship with a supplier, but to them you are just one of thousands of accounts. — James Doggett, Doggett Jewelry, Kingston, NH
  • Our country is in turmoil, but we push forward with the strength that only a retailer could possess. Jewelry is a luxury, but we think everybody should be afforded their family heirloom. — Rick Nichols, Nassau Jewelry, Fernandina Beach, FL
  • Our summer sales have been great so far! Our town is going through a growth period, and we have a steady stream of new-to-town customers. Life is good! — Tammy Moyes, Bartlett Fine Jewelry, Longview, TX

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Time to Do What You've Always Wanted? Time to Call Wilkerson.

It was time. Teri Allen and her brother, Nick Pavlich, Jr., had been at the helm of Dearborn Jewelers of Plymouth in Plymouth, Mich., for decades. Their father, Nick Pavlich, Sr., had founded the store in 1950, but after so many wonderful years helping families around Michigan celebrate their most important moments, it was time to get some “moments” of their own. Teri says Wilkerson was the logical choice to run their retirement sale. “They’re the only company that specializes in closing jewelry stores,” she says. During the sale, Teri says a highlight was seeing so many generations of customers who wanted to buy “that one last piece of jewelry from us.” Would she recommend Wilkerson? Absolutely. “There is no way that I would have been able to do this by myself.”

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