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Sustainably Certified Diamonds — What They Are and Why You Need Them in Your Store




Join some of the industry’s leading experts in lab-created diamonds, sustainability certification and diamond grading as they join us for this 60-minute Green Rocks sponsored webinar. They’ll discuss everything you need to know about sustainably certified diamonds — and what they mean to your business. With Leon Peres, CEO, Green Rocks Diamonds; Avi Levy, President, IGI North America; Stanley Mathuram, Executive VP, SCS Global; and Josephine Silla-Afuwape, SCS Global.

You’ll learn:

  • How/Why retailers can offer Sustainably Certified Diamonds as a marketing tool to create distinction and differentiation in their markets
  • Insight on this new SCS-007 Sustainability Certification, the first comprehensive, multi-stakeholder sustainability standard to be developed for the diamond industry
  • How retailers can join the sustainability movement and register to become Certified Sustainable Diamond Retailers



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