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Tacori Launches Leadership Consultancy Program for Retail Jewelry Industry




(Press Release) LOS ANGELES — Tacori has announced its sponsorship of Insiders Institute: The Program, a new consultancy exclusive this year to the retail jewelry industry.

Insiders Institute: The Program is designed to reinvent the retail world and light up the jewelry industry. Backed by leading-edge neuroscience, it’s organized and structured to create doable, efficient changes that can 2x your efforts.

Seats are limited to 100 stores with an annual membership fee of $20,000. Backed by a 2x ROI, there’s a money-back guarantee for participating partners who meet their commitments outlined in The Program.

This 10-month break-through program is led by neuroscientist Dr. Robert Cooper, CEO of the Insiders Institute. Cooper is head of a global consulting firm that draws on a peak performance database with more than 1 million leaders, professionals and teams — and he brings a long history of working with elite performers and top leaders using neuroscience to get the most out of their brains, their time and their performance.

For five straight years he was the highest-rated faculty member in the Lessons in Leadership Distinguished Speaker Series sponsored by top universities and business schools. Called “a national treasure” by Professor Emeritus Michael Ray of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Cooper emphasizes scientifically based insights, ultra-practical tools, counterintuitive wisdom, and disciplined metrics.

“The jewelry industry is notoriously behind the times in terms of innovation,” Tacori CEO Paul Tacorian said. “The goal behind The Program is to create an opportunity for people in our Industry to access the high caliber of leadership and sales effectiveness trainings that companies like General Motors, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Apple, NASA, 3M, Nike and others have developed by working with the Cooper Strategic team.”


“At a conference last year, I heard Dr. Cooper present a 12 minute Keynote Speech to more than 1,500 company Presidents or CEOs,” Tacorian said. “From those 12 minutes, I was able to use his unique insights to set in motion a series of powerful changes in our business across last year.”

“After seeing our own success with Dr. Cooper, I knew that our industry as a whole was missing an opportunity to connect to leading-edge insights that they don’t traditionally have access to,” Tacorian said. “So we partnered with Dr. Cooper to create a program that could address the Retail Jewelry Industry specifically. Extending beyond the reach of just TACORI partners, we feel strongly that our entire industry needs to re-invent our retail industry in order to survive and thrive into the next generations. Insiders Institute: The Program, offers practical, do-able ways for our industry to prosper.”

“Retail has changed more in the past five years than in the past 200 years,” Cooper said. “Half of today’s brands and retailers will likely disappear in the next five years. One percent of today’s brands and retailers will thrive, and that’s where The Program will help the industry win the future of retail. We’ve created a unique opportunity for breakthrough leaders and teams who are each fully committed to their store’s success and future.”

Cooper added: “When retailers switch from selling to serving, and begin to understand how to be trusted advisors to each unique customer for the best gift choices and experiences, sales grow for all the right reasons. Jewelry gifts can be truly meaningful to individuals and families, not just at the time they are chosen and received, but across generations. Yet research shows that many, or even most, gifts today are mis-calibrated—meaning they are not being chosen or given in the best way for the recipient, which hurts relationships and future sales. This is an unseen missed opportunity for retailers. The Program by Insiders Institute is designed to help them win this vast opportunity.”

The Launch Event for the Insiders Institute kicked off on Jan. 9 in Los Angeles at Platform Greenhouse LA. The room was filled to capacity with top innovators and rising stars in the retail jewelry industry, such as industry luminary Scott Udell and his team from London Jewelers.

“We’ve spent nine decades building Long Island’s premier, independent family of luxury boutiques,” said Udell, vice president, London Jewelers, and inaugural member of the Insiders Institute. “If we want to continue for another nine decades, our industry needs to innovate and take advantage of cutting edge resources. I’m thrilled to be part of the first Insiders Institute: The Program because there’s no other company or consultancy that’s doing what Robert Cooper and the Insiders Institute is doing, and I want to take my stores to a place that no one else in our industry is going.”


A second Launch Session is being planned for March in Los Angeles. A trailer video is here:



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