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Take Leave of the 21st Century With an Amish Hour

Temporarily turn your back on technology and reap the mental benefits.





If you spend as much time hanging around “productivity hack” websites as we do, you’ll likely soon come across the idea of “taking an Amish hour,” which is recommended to help you get better sleep or get back in touch with your artisan roots. The idea is to reject digital technology for a short interval and enjoying the resulting lowered cortisol levels and clarity of mind. So, slot an “Amish hour” in your schedule at a time when you’re likely to have had too much digital stimulation, turn the clock back, and do something totally non-tech, like an hour of hands-on bench work, singing in a choir, or even just a manual chore, and enjoy the benefits.



He Doubled His Sales Goals with Wilkerson

John Matthews, owner of John Michael Matthews Fine Jewelry in Vero Beach, Florida, is a planner. As an IJO member jeweler, he knew he needed an exit strategy if he ever wanted to g the kind of retirement he deserved. He asked around and the answers all seemed to point to one solution: Wilkerson. He talked to Rick Hayes, Wilkerson president, and took his time before making a final decision. He’d heard Wilkerson knew their way around a going out of business sale. But, he says, “he didn’t realize how good it was going to be.” Sales goals were “ambitious,” but even Matthews was pleasantly surprised. “It looks like we’re going to double that.”

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