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Take Your Customers
On a Diamond Journey

Tell the story of the diamonds you sell with the Sarine Diamond Experience, a revolutionary new way to sell diamonds that will set your store apart.

Take Your Customers on a Diamond Journey

Sarine’s Diamond Journey Report offers you — and your customers — a complete overview of a diamond, from mine to counter. It’s a true revolution in diamond storytelling.

Imagine being able to walk your customers through the actual journey of their diamond. Show them what the rough looked like and reveal all the facets of its sparkling beauty and quality. Engage them with a dynamic interactive experience that makes diamonds come alive and sets your store apart. That’s Sarine eGrading and the Sarine Diamond Journey.


In its first 30 years, Sarine technology first transformed diamond cutting, allowing diamond manufacturers to think in three dimensions, map inclusions and plan each cut to maximize the value of the final polished gem.

Then Sarine transformed cut grading, by allowing diamond laboratories to measure every facet and angle so precisely that they could calculate light performance and grade cut.

Now Sarine is using artificial intelligence to transform how diamonds are graded, translating the unrivalled detailed data it collects in the cloud into exciting interactive reports on the 4Cs of diamond quality, detailed light performance and the steps in every diamond’s journey.


Sarine Diamond Journey reports are based on verified data collected by in-depth analysis of the diamond at every step of the manufacturing process. Not just supplier records, but high-tech scans of the diamond itself, creating a unique and secure 3D fingerprint that can be traced from mine to market.

This is possible because Sarine already collects physical in-depth diamond data at each step of the pipeline from rough to polished. Because Sarine is the gold standard for diamond planning and measurement, most diamonds pass through a Sarine machine on the way to market. Sarine has analyzed more than 100 million rough diamonds annually, and that number grows daily. No one understands diamonds better.


Sarine isn’t a new diamond grading laboratory, it’s a technology company that’s transforming how diamond grading works. Because Sarine’s innovative eGrading happens automatically in the cloud from machines all over the world, it streamlines the path of a diamond to market, saving time for the diamond manufacturers and saving you money as a result.

And eGrading isn’t just a static report. It’s a customizable experience tailored to the way you sell, providing the data points to help you tell the diamond story the way that works best for you. And interactive eGrading interactions are available branded with your name. Sustainability pioneer Boucheron is using customized reports powered by Sarine in-store to confirm diamond provenance for their bridal collection. What story will you tell?


And the best part? All this rich data and storytelling is available now for every diamond from 23 of the top diamond suppliers in the world. In fact, it’s probably waiting in the cloud to help you sell diamonds you already have in your cases! There’s no machinery to buy, no complicated technology to implement. Because eGrading is so much more precise than just the 4Cs, it can also help you find the exact diamonds you need, no matter where in the world they might be.

This revolution in diamond storytelling will take your brand to the next level. You can start offering your customers a more exciting diamond experience right away.


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Take Your Customers on a Diamond Journey

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