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Test How Siri Responds to Your Store’s Name, Check Your Band Sale Data and Other To-Dos for March

Create a back-up routine for your data and a contingency plan for your inventory … just in case.




Test How Siri Responds to Your Store’s Name, Check Your Band Sale Data and Other To-Dos for March

Feb 26-Mar. 4

SALES FLOOR Beware the ex-brides of March. Divorce filings are highest this month. Do you have a script ready explaining why the resale value of an engagement ring may not meet the customer’s expectations? If not, get busy.

SEO Run some tests to see how your store ranks when someone asks their phone: “Siri, where can I get my ring repaired?”

OPERATIONS Create an employee suggestion box but add a twist: Staff have just 30 days to submit ideas to make your business and their working lives better.


Mar. 5-11

STORE Get in touch with your electric utility. Many offer free energy audits, giving you more ideas on how to cut down on your electrical consumption. Some water utilities do the same.

MARKETING Your best customers are your current customers. Identify your “top 20 percent” clients. Draft a plan to cater to them over the next nine months.

SELF-CARE Catch your breath. You’ve likely been working non-stop since the end-of-year holidays. As Sue Parker of Nyman Jewelers in Excanaba, MI, says, “Take a break! Sneak out for a long weekend if possible to recharge yourself.”

Mar. 12-18

INVENTORY Traditionally, bridal sales followed a pattern: Men’s wedding band sales, for example, were strongest in April and May just before June, the most popular month for weddings. Now they are likely to be more scattered as millennials often marry in less traditional months. Closely scrutinize last year’s sales data to ensure you’re on top of your categories.

CRM List all the people who referred customers over the past three months. Thank them with flowers. If it was a big sale, perhaps send a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Mar. 19-25

OPERATIONS If you don’t have a backup plan for your POS, create one, using either a cloud/network or removable drive to restore data if a new device is required. Make it a part of your end-of-day procedures.

MERCHANDISING Write a “designer profile” for each designer you carry. Keep each on “cue cards” stored near each merchandise line.


Mar. 26-Apr. 1

STORE LAYOUT Is your custom area as friendly as it could be? Does it feature a gallery highlighting the great designs you’ve done in the past, portraits of satisfied customers, updated displays, appropriate lighting, a signature scent?

MARKETING LinkedIn has many of the micro-targeting capabilities of the other social media sites but is less utilized. Build a quick profile and ask your staff and customers to connect. Then give thought to some targeted demographics, say “professional women over the age of 35.”



He Doubled His Sales Goals with Wilkerson

John Matthews, owner of John Michael Matthews Fine Jewelry in Vero Beach, Florida, is a planner. As an IJO member jeweler, he knew he needed an exit strategy if he ever wanted to g the kind of retirement he deserved. He asked around and the answers all seemed to point to one solution: Wilkerson. He talked to Rick Hayes, Wilkerson president, and took his time before making a final decision. He’d heard Wilkerson knew their way around a going out of business sale. But, he says, “he didn’t realize how good it was going to be.” Sales goals were “ambitious,” but even Matthews was pleasantly surprised. “It looks like we’re going to double that.”

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