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Texas Jewelers Association and the Select Jewelry Show Break the Mold for the 2021 Convention

The trade show is on September 12 and 13, 2021 at the Ritz Carlton Ballroom in Dallas.




(PRESS RELEASE) In an effort to creatively reinvent the convention experience for its members, and for the first time in its history, TJA has collaborated with the Select Jewelry Show Dallas to hold its annual convention together with their trade show on September 12 and 13, 2021 at the Ritz Carlton Ballroom in Dallas. This is the first time an independent state organization and independent trade show have teamed up together to the benefit of those involved in the jewelry industry in Texas and the surrounding areas.

After analyzing its past history of TJA conventions, Susan Eisen, president of the organization and CEO of Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and Watches lead the effort to brainstorm and change the traditional model. As a result, TJA will be able to offer the Select Show registration to its members and give them the opportunity to socialize, learn, and shop all at the same time with a variety of vendors and retailers from around the US. The innovative model changes the venue after many years from Austin to Dallas, and will provide more time for members to spend getting to share ideas with each other. Members will be able to stay at whatever hotel they wish without the necessity by TJA to stay in the host hotel and financially guarantee hotel rooms and meals.

“Why do the same thing year after year? It’s time to put future planning ahead and collaborate with others in our industry to provide exciting, affordable, new events for everyone to enjoy” she said. “Sharing our social events with the vendors and retailers at the show and adding our successful round table educational sessions with them is an excellent way to make it perfect for both of us” she explained.

A highlight of the meeting will be the annual TJA design competition which is open to TJA members only. It begins Sunday during show hours and is open for everyone to view and enjoy. The TJA new member initiative will give non-members the opportunity to sign up and join the largest and most active regional organization of jewelers in the country.
This year the Select Show in Dallas has already sold out, with the addition of two more salons for vendors, increasing the number of exhibitors to 64. Select Dallas attracts retailers from across the Southwest. When TJA approached Joe Carullo, founder of the show, to partner with them, he said “It’s time to broaden our relationship with TJA and the industry and take it to the next level for many years to come.”

All TJA members are invited to attend, and the Select Show invites retailers to the event who qualify and meet their criteria. For information on attending the TJA convention contact Lucinda Rogers, TJA convention coordinator at [email protected]. Non TJA members retailers who want to register for the Select Show should contact [email protected].




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