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The Bit of LUV Collection, by Karina Brez, Brings Unbridled Style to Fine Jewelry

Karina Brez introduces nine new jewels that elevate equine designs.




The Bit of LUV Collection, by Karina Brez, Brings Unbridled Style to Fine Jewelry

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The art of horseback riding is a skill, and an ever-evolving partnership between human and horse. It integrates products to help facilitate the communication between horse and rider, and celebrates all parts working in tandem. The horse bit, part of the bridle, is designed to communicate a rider’s wishes to the horse. Equestrian fine jeweler, appraiser, and gemologist, Karina Brez, is internationally renowned for her equine-inspired aesthetic, merging her passion for riding with a second-generation legacy of exceptional jewelry design. Launching in advance of the holiday season and winter equestrian festivals, Brez is bringing the Bit of LUV Collection to horse enthusiasts everywhere.

Regarding the inspiration behind the collection, Brez says, “A client brought me her horse bit, laying it on the counter, asking me to create a custom piece for her. After careful inspection of the bit and noting its creative details, I create the one-off piece. Since, I would often get requests for horse bit jewelry, yet hadn’t designed more. While in my Palm Beach shop recently, I began sketching a bracelet concept that would stack with my Huggable Hooves, offering devoted clients a chance to add to their equine jewelry collection. I decided to go for a mini size on the bit design, which is something I haven’t seen done before, and which resembles a chain link.” Brez continues, “The Bit of LUV bracelet feels like butter in your hand. All the links are movable, and the pictures are great, but the feel of it is even smoother and more comfortable to wear than one realizes. It is fashioned in solid gold. Bit of LUV is a collection of jewels to experience and wear every day, made for the horse enthusiast.”

With nine show-stopping designs, the Bit of LUV Collection is comprised of a horse bit-inspired necklace, link bracelet, and ring, each available in either 18K yellow, 18K rose, or 18K white gold. The collection’s signature necklace design had a 1.5 in. wide horse D bit design, and is 20” in long, with an 18” loop. The Bit of LUV Link Bracelet is available in three sizes (6”, 6.5” and 7” length options), with white diamonds, and the Bit of LUV Diamond Ring features white diamonds, available in sizes 5-11. Morphing utilitarian horse-riding equipment into a work of art, Brez turns bit rings into chain links, and the mouthpiece into hinges, offering comfort and flexibility to a classic, luxurious link bracelet and necklace. The Bit of LUV Diamond Ring offers a sleek, modern look, with a lustrous gold sheen—drawing attention to the hands. Whether shopping for a Valentine, a Galentine, a horse enthusiast or oneself, there is a Bit of LUV piece that fits any style. “Horses, Love and Diamonds. It’s the perfect combination“ says Karina Brez.

For those who want to shop the Bit of LUV collection in person, the Palm Beach flagship Karina Brez Jewelry store is open Wednesday through Thursday, from 11:00 AM-4:00 PM, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 AM-7:00 PM, and by appointment Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

In addition, Karina Brez will be hosting a pop-up boutique in the VIP area of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), from now through April 3, 2022, at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL. Karina Brez Jewelry is celebrating its 10th year as an official sponsor and vendor of the Winter Equestrian Festival, one of the largest and most prestigious international horse shows.

For sales inquiries or retail partnership inquiries, contact Karina Brez at 561-400-4085 or email


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