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The Brain Squad Tells About Their Idea of “The Perfect Day” in a Jewelry Store

buzz session: Some of the answers are hilarious, while others are inspirational.





What’s your idea of a perfect day at the store?

  • The key still works when I put it in the lock, and everything is just like it was left the night before. There are no urgent voice mails or emails. The team members arrive on time with smiles on their faces! All of our favorite customers stop in for that special something or just to say hello. We help some young couples find that special ring. At the end of the day, we have done some business, haven’t pissed anyone off and my desk is not piled with stuff to do the next day! — Doreen Vashlishan, Werkheiser Jewelers, Bethlehem, PA
  • A perfect day would be one where we are able to dress the window displays without knocking or dropping anything, outside is pleasant enough to open doors to street, we do $10,000 in sales, we have 50 hits on our website that aren’t scammers, and a couple who recently designed an engagement ring with us post an amazing Instagram pic of the ring and it goes viral. — Rebecca Larson, Barry Peterson Jewelers, Ketchum, ID
  • Sales associates busy all day, but not so busy that I have to come off the bench. — Loann Stokes, Stokes Jewelry, Stillwater, MN
  • Having staff so fully trained that they handle clients while I work on the store’s future. — Debbie Fox, Fox Fine Jewelry, Ventura, CA
  • Steady stream of customers, with a customer with each staff member while a couple customers browse. A variety of items are purchased: pearls, several colored stones, sterling, watches, gold, etc. A custom job is ordered. Three or four engagement rings are selected. — Gary Richmond, Van Horne & Co., Granger, IN
  • When every client comes with a smile, knowing what they want to have. — Mark Rozanski, Goldart, Ottawa, ON
  • Working for a few hours … playing golf … coming back to store for closing. — Jim Greenfield, Spritz Jewelers, Champaign, IL
  • Happy customers, happy employees. If those two things happen, most likely productivity will be good. — Tom R. Nelson, Nelson Jewelry, Spencer, IA
  • A day where our favorite clients come in to catch up, treat themselves to something new and the store is sunny and filled with fresh flowers! — Laura Kitsos, Gem Jewelry Boutique, Oak Park, IL
  • We are volume-oriented in a seasonal resort … so a mid-week rainy day is a perfect storm. — Alan Lindsay, Henry’s, Cape May, NJ
  • Best day: very few customers but lots of sales (you get a lot done and make money). Second best: lots of customers and lots of sales (you don’t get anything done but make money). Third best: few sales but lots of customers (lots of customers allows you to set up future sales even if you didn’t make a lot that day). Worst: few sales and few customers (that makes for a yucky day, hoping for a better next day). — John Przeclawski, Monarch Jewelry, Winter Park, FL
  • Customer come in and looks over the jewelry and decide to buy an item out of the case without using the words “but, if it had this or if it did not have this, or if it was in yellow/white instead.” — Scott Kelly, Jems Jewels & Gold, North Wales, PA
  • No watch problems. I hate watches, they generate most of the problems we have. — Don Unwin, Sterling Jewelers, Wethersfield, CT
  • Two to three clients evenly spaced throughout the day. Less than five spam/supplier calls. Would love an online sale or a sale of an existing item. — Jeremy Auslander, Roxbury Jewelry, Los Angeles, CA
  • Coffee and quiet time to start; I love to design and sketch early morning! Then put on great music and set the vibe for our staff and customers, everything from Stevie Nicks to Lady Gaga … it really does work! Then a steady flow of sales and custom design appointments and wrap it up by 6:00. — Linda McEathron, Design House, Waco, TX
  • A day with lots of happy customers, all with a lot of cash burning holes in their pockets. — David Phelps, John David Jewelers, Durham, NC
  • New stock just in. Everyone firing on all cylinders, working as a team. Lots of discussion and banter. Notice I’m not mentioning stupendous sales? Those happen when this day happens. — Erin McMichael Hess, Extinctions, Lancaster, PA
  • Several scheduled (successful) appointments, coffee that stays hot until I drink it, and closing up on time! — Beth Cevasco, Scott’s Custom Jewelers, Dublin, OH
  • A perfect day at Sami’s would be a slower pace LOL. A nice peaceful day where clients don’t all come in at the same time, everyone buys a BIG ticket item that we own, and all the staff answers their own questions. — Stephenie Bjorkman, Sami Fine Jewelry, Fountain Hills, AZ
  • My bench jeweler doesn’t talk. — Gregory Fliegauf, Fliegauf Jewelers, Washington, NJ
  • Steady traffic, great weather, not too hot, happy customers who enjoy chatting and trying on beautiful jewels and then purchasing those jewels. Fingerprint-free countertops. A few minutes to actually eat lunch before the rush begins again. Everyone heads home while the sun is still shining so we can all enjoy a few hours of summer after a profitable and successful day. — Theresa Peregoy, Classic Facets, Edgewater, CO
  • All my repairs and custom jobs go just as planned. A nice unpredicted sale happens, especially in summer. — Todd R. Tinder, Tinder’s Jewelry, Bowling Green, VA
  • Let’s see here … let me waive a magic wand and plan up a trunk show with all of my gem besties … then we would be hanging out with a combination of long-term and new customers who are excited to learn about what’s new and what makes it special. It’s always fun to have someone who “gets it” … and by “gets it” I mean they know that jewelry is art. At least ours is! We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Having someone who “sees” that in the store makes for a great day. We would finish a day filled with playing with jewelry by sharing a Steve Quick 35 — our new signature cocktail, created and bottled just for us by a local mixologist, made of local, small batch spirits. It’s joyful and fresh and tastes like a dreamy vacation and fancy spa all rolled into one! Sounds like a perfect day to me!! — Melissa Quick, Steve Quick Jeweler, Chicago, IL
  • Visiting with my family while we set up the lobby, then coffee while we return calls, answer emails and ship orders all relaxed … AND then once we’re open, it’s one to three guests at a time so we can spend time with each. From 2 p.m. on, I like to be at the bench, and then head home between 7 and 7:30. I love my job! — Sherrie Schilling-Devaney, Sherrie’s Jewelry Box, Tigard, OR

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