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Jeweler Discovers the Easiest Solution Ever for Woman Whose Pendant Kept Flipping Over

She probably needed to stop doing one specific thing.




WE MADE A CUSTOM PENDANT for a woman who said it kept flipping over. She came in to show us but couldn’t get it to flip until she stuck her head between her legs. When she stood back up, yes, it had flipped. We told her she shouldn’t put her head between her legs, and she said it was a good solution. (Told anonymously to INSTORE’s Big Survey, 2016)

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Wilkerson Testimonials

To Generate Funds for a Jeweler’s Move and Remodel, Wilkerson More Than Delivered

Even successful jewelers need a little extra cash to fund expansion plans—especially when there’s inventory on hand that’s ripe for liquidation. For Beaumont, Texas-based jeweler Michael Price, co-owner of Mathews Jewelers, it was the perfect time to call Wilkerson. Price talked to other jewelers as well as vendors for advice during the selection process and decided to go with Wilkerson. And he wasn’t disappointed. When it comes to paying for the move and expansion, Price says the road ahead is clear. “When we close on the next two stores, there’s no worries about finances.”

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