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The Creative Charisma of Indian Gems and Jewelry

The Creative Charisma of Indian Gems and Jewelry

At JCK, GJEPC showcases jewelry
for the American market with a new India Design Gallery.

The Creative Charisma of Indian Gems and Jewelry

In India, the love for jewelry is as old as the existence of jewelry itself. The creative fire needed to create stunning designs has been honed and passed down over the generations. It’s little wonder that the art of Indian jewelry design and manufacturing has left the world spellbound. Each piece is woven from tales of romance, creativity, heritage, charisma and elegance.

Across the globe, Indian jewelers and craftsmen cater to the most demanding customers. Their ability to satiate all types of jewelry requirements has amazed the world. This is possible only because of the industry’s willingness to embrace and adopt the latest technology as well as the country’s second-to-none design talent.

“The Indian industry is constantly upgrading techniques, manufacturing efficiencies and adapting to market trends. India is determined and committed to delivering gems and jewelry par excellence,” says Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Chairman of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC).

India is a land of extreme diversity. Each region has its own unique style that reflects cultural influences. This diversity brings in a plethora of jewelry designs that are versatile and unique.

The rich lineage of crafting impeccable jewelry, passed on from one generation to another, has evolved with rapidly changing consumer preferences. Indian designers have constantly innovated through the brilliant juxtaposition of metals and materials.

GJEPC, along with the industry at large, has played a prominent part in revolutionizing India’s jewelry design space. GJEPC has undertaken several initiatives to nurture the designer talent. The Artisan Award is one exemplary example. India’s premier jewelry design awards recognizes and honors the best designing talent. The objective is to instill a sense of pride for jewelry designers and to acknowledge jewelry design as a mainstream career.

GJEPC conducts a series of educational jewelry design workshops and knowledge exchange forums to fuel creative talent and to ensure that Indian designers can cater to the most demanding customers across the globe.

The edition of the jewelry trend book AATMAN— INSPIRATIONS 2020, published by GJEPC, is a fabulous compilation of design, aesthetics and knowledge. Edited by renowned jewelry trend forecaster, Paola De Luca, AATMAN—INSPIRATIONS 2020 covers brand identity, technological innovation, curating, merchandising and craftsmanship. The rich contributions made by several national and international jewelry and design veterans has made this book a complete reference point for all jewelry designers to create and promote precious jewels.


Indian jewelry manufacturers will showcase their latest collections at the JCK Las Vegas show at the India Pavilion. The India Pavilion, organized by GJEPC, is located in JCK’s Passport & Diamond Plaza. With the strength of 40 companies, Indian manufacturers will exhibit their jewelry creations to the crème of crème of show buyers.


This year, the India Pavilion at JCK has some special attractions. It will feature an exclusive India Design Gallery, showcasing some of the most magnificent jewelry pieces created for the U.S. market. The theme is Cosmos, a representation of U.S. consumer trends in 2020. The jewelry features a variety of cosmic elements in intricately crafted rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more.

“The India Design Gallery highlights some of the finest contemporary jewelry available from India today,” says Colin Shah, Vice Chairman, GJEPC. “The jewelry, designed and manufactured in different parts of India, has one thing in common— it is timeless jewelry for the world.”

GJEPC Chairman Agrawal concurs: “As an industry and as the voice for the entire Indian gem and jewelry, we strongly believe that our greatest resource is our talented workforce.”

The Creative Charisma of Indian Gems and Jewelry