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Eileen McClelland

Diamond Producers Association Takes Consumers on The Diamond Journey in Time for the Holidays

Marketing campaign kicks off on Oct. 15.



LAST WEEK THE DIAMOND Producers Association announced the details of its new Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond consumer marketing campaign, designed around a cinematic telling of the natural diamond story in a mesmerizing, three-minute film called “The Diamond Journey.”

The multi-channel media campaign will launch on Oct. 15 with a presence in Conde Nast magazines, the New York Times and Sports Illustrated, along with a social-media and television presence leading up to the holidays.

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DPA research reveals that most consumers don’t realize diamonds are the oldest thing they will ever touch or own. The campaign chronicles the transformation of a rough diamond from discovery to finished jewelry. A 2-carat cushion cut diamond engagement ring, set in yellow gold, becomes the symbolic star of the show by crossing time and culture to represent love, commitment and meaningful moments.

The campaign was developed in partnership with creative agency BBH London. The film was directed by Ian Pons Jewell, whose commercial portfolio includes Nike, Audi, Lexus and Michelob, and features music from Oscar winning musician, Atticus Ross. The film will live on Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’s website at Retailers can find more resources and tools at

Here is a Q&A with Kristina Buckley Kayel, DPA’s managing director, North America, about the significance of “The Diamond Journey”:

INSTORE: In the video, what is the significance of the same diamond ring style displayed across time and various cultures? What message does that convey?


DPA: The same diamond ring appearing across time and various cultures conveys the heirloom quality of natural diamonds. It positions diamond jewelry as a cherished part of a family’s history and also speaks to the enduring value of a natural diamond. We chose to feature a classic design that has eternal appeal and feels just as relevant in the past as it does in the future.

INSTORE: How does the new campaign dovetail with other recent campaigns, and what sets it apart?

DPA: The new campaign builds on the objective of the Real is Rare platform, which is to revitalize the diamond dream among new and millennial consumers. ‘The Diamond Journey’ explores the human connection to diamonds much further than we have in past campaigns, with less focus on product and more focus on the story itself. This campaign also shines a spotlight on rough, which we haven’t done in the past. But now more than ever we need to celebrate rough, and the distinctive qualities of natural diamonds.

INSTORE: The target demographic is 21-39 year olds? Is it meant to appeal to both young men and young women?

DPA: Yes, we’re targeting both men and women during their engagement research journey.

INSTORE: Based on your research, how important is a diamond’s origins to today’s engagement-ring shoppers? And why is that such an important message to convey?


DPA: DPA consumer research has revealed that people develop a deeper appreciation and attach different meaning to diamonds when they understand the reality of diamonds, that they’re a finite natural resource, born of extreme conditions billions of years ago. And because of this, they’ve become an enduring symbol of love and human connection. It’s an important message to convey because it’s a part of the diamond story that consumers don’t know. Most are very surprised to learn that diamonds are older than life on earth.

INSTORE: What should retailers take away from this campaign when learning how to relate to young consumers?

DPA: Now more than ever, consumers, especially young consumers, want to know where the products they’re buying come from, and the story behind those products. This is especially true for luxury purchases. It’s vital for retailers to become true storytellers in order to reignite the diamond dream for younger generations.

INSTORE: What has the reaction to the Real is Rare campaign been to date and how successful has it been in conveying that message?

DPA: The Real is Rare platform has been very well received by the industry as a whole. Our last Real is Rare campaign, ‘For Me, From Me’ has been one of the most successful programs DPA has embarked on. It has helped mobilize the retail sector around female self-purchase, which represents 1/3 of all diamond jewelry sales. We’ve heard from many jewelers that the campaign has helped drive sales, and today it’s being executed in nearly 1,000 doors across the country. It’s a seasonless campaign, and one that is complemented by ‘The Diamond Journey’.

Eileen McClelland is the Managing Editor of INSTORE. She believes that every jewelry store has the power of cool within them.



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