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The Digital Doc: Answers to Your Questions About Digital Marketing

Smart Age Solutions takes reader questions about a topic that many jewelers find intimidating.




IN THIS NEW COLUMN, Smart Age Solutions answers jewelers’ questions about how to use digital marketing on the local level to bring in more customers and make more sales. As the company notes, many jewelers do not yet understand just how much power they have to create a dynamic brand in the digital space.

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Q: I’m really hesitant about putting money into digital ads. I don’t know too much about it and I’m worried I’ll just be wasting money.

A: You are certainly not alone! First, it’s best to do some general research to educate yourself on the basics of digital marketing at the local level. You do not need to become an expert, but it’s important do some preliminary information-gathering before you make a decision. There are many resources online that can give you a basic overview of what you can achieve with different marketing channels (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Once you’ve done this, start a few conversations with reputable marketing agencies in the industry. These companies can provide you with different packages based on your budget. They can also give you an idea of what activity your marketing dollars will create.

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Q: How do I know if digital marketing is working? When should I expect a sale?

A: The first step in a digital marketing campaign is to declare your goals. The next step is to get as many qualified online shoppers in your community to visit your website so they can explore your products and services. The easiest things to measure are website traffic and telephone calls. If both increase, great! The sales will follow.


Q: I try to get my team to ask our customers for a review or feedback. I know they make us feel all warm and fuzzy, but how do online reviews help my marketing strategy?

A: There are many advantages a great online review provides. Besides the obvious notion that people trust other people’s opinions of products and services,your online reviews can have a significant impact on how you are treated as an advertiser by platforms like Google and Facebook. Google’s logic is simple: The more that consumers interact with a business online, the more legitimate and relevant they are to their community. The rewards that jewelers can expect for great online reviews are better ad placement, more consistent impressions, and lower costs per click to their website. What this means is that Jeweler A with 200 online reviews spending $1,000 can achieve better results for a lower budget than Jeweler B down the street with 10 reviews spending $10,000.

Pro tip: The big advantage to digital marketing is the ability to change your advertisements on the fly. If something about the advertisement isn’t working, you change the message, branding or event details. If you have ever had to pay to re-skin a billboard, print new catalogs or re-record a radio spot, you will know just how valuable it is to have the power to edit advertisements for little to no cost.

Smart Age Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency exclusive to jewelers. Serving as the only Google Premier Partner in the industry, Smart Age has been helping jewelers own their own digital backyard since 2010.



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