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The Digital Doc: How Often to Post on Instagram, and Other Digital Marketing Questions for March

Smart Age Solutions answers reader questions about websites, social media and more.




IN THE DIGITAL DOC, Smart Age Solutions answers jewelers’ questions about how to use digital marketing on the local level to bring in more customers and make more sales.

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Q: I understand that a lot of online usage comes through people’s phones. How do I take advantage of this?

A: There are many components to a mobile marketing strategy. Let’s just focus on the basics. First, make sure you have a mobile-friendly website. Test it regularly and have friends outside the business take a tour as if they are customers so they can give you feedback on how user- friendly it is. The next step is to make sure you have a presence in the apps that consumers use the most — namely Google, Facebook and Instagram. You should be buying ads/sponsored posts in these channels. For some retailers in more competitive markets, you may have to spend more than others, knowing that more than 80 percent of shoppers have done some sort of research from a mobile phone.

Q: How often should I be posting on Instagram and do I need to spend money there?

A: There’s no “one post schedule fits all” here. However, the general rule is to have at least three to four posts per week. A lot of this can depend on the season and the products you carry. If you carry many fashion or timepiece brands, your posts are likely more relevant throughout the year and can be much more lifestyle-focused, so being consistent here is important. If you have the resources to create the posts often, definitely invest in boosting posts regularly. This will ensure your posts are getting seen and promote interaction from users.


Q: Should I keep products on my website that I don’t have in my store?

A: There are many opinions on this and we can talk forever about advantages/disadvantages to both. But to keep it simple, follow this rule — display all products that you have access to, whether they are in the store showroom or your vendor can get them to you within 48 hrs. Remember, as our industry has few transactions done online (less than 6 percent), your website should be there to drive leads, phones calls and foot traffic.

Pro tip: Your phone number should always be visible on your website no matter where the customer is. Make sure your website provider is using the ‘anchor’ feature so your customers never have to go on a scavenger hunt for a way to get in touch.

Smart Age Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency exclusive to jewelers. Serving as the only Google Premier Partner in the industry, Smart Age has been helping jewelers own their own digital backyard since 2010.



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