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The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard

From the Gold Mariner Links Collection in 14K yellow gold: Puffed Mariner 21mm 8” bracelet. MSRP: $1,815; Mariner paperclip 7.5” bracelet. MSRP: $795; oval Mariner 18” necklace. MSRP: $2,115; oval Mariner 13.8mm 18.5” necklace. MSRP: $4,740
The Gold Standard


With an exemplary range of gold jewelry and specialized services, Royal Chain is dedicated to helping jewelers succeed.

The year was 1978 and “gold fever” was in full swing, especially in New York City — the gritty, disco-beating heart of all that beautifully glitters. It was here, 45 years ago, that Royal Chain first opened its doors. And today, despite relatively humble beginnings, Royal Chain has evolved to become the U.S. authority in gold jewelry and chains.

The Gold Standard
A true classic: 14K gold 18” cube link chain necklace. MSRP: $2,530

Here’s what sets Royal Chain apart and why, after more than four decades, they’re still on their game.


Royal Chain understands gold. With 45 years of experience, gold remains the focus of the company’s business. Unlike other suppliers, Royal Chain knows what sells, how to manufacture it, how to create fast-moving product with the best value and get it to retailers quickly.


Gold chain may have been where Royal Chain got its start, but in today’s market, it’s vital to offer jewelers a diverse selection of styles. Royal Chain maintains diverse and relevant jewelry lines, studying fashion and responding quickly to market trends by creating the gold jewelry that consumers want most. Because each jewelry store is unique, Royal Chain’s breadth of line isn’t limited to products created in only one facility or by one manufacturing method. Retailers can choose from a wide variety of gold jewelry styles to accommodate their needs and their customers’ preferences.


Turn is vital to a jeweler’s success, especially during the holiday season. Royal Chain lets retailers restock 95% or more of their products within 24 hours. By supporting its customers in this way, Royal Chain helps to maximize their customers’ sales potential, increasing turn and the odds of a very profitable selling season.

The Gold Standard
From the Diamond Panther series: 14K gold 12mm 18” Panther necklace with 0.42 TCW diamonds. MSRP: $7,630; 14K gold 12mm 7.25” Panther bracelet with 0.42 TCW diamonds. MSRP: $3,840; statement 14K gold 27.5mm 7” Panther bracelet with 0.69 TCW diamonds. MSRP: $7,920


For decades, Royal Chain customers have used the company’s annual catalog as an in-store tool to help their clients to buy. Today, that printed catalog, boosted by a strong web presence, continues to serve jewelers and their customers around the country. The Royal Chain website also lets jewelers place online orders. And retailers will always find a dedicated in-house customer service team at Royal Chain, to provide that extra-special layer of personal service. Need more than gold? Royal Chain offers silver jewelry and chain as well as the Phillip Gavriel designer brand, all under one convenient roof.

The Gold Standard
Flex bangles in 14k gold. From Left: with .08 TCW diamonds (B10021) MSRP $965; with 0.10 TCW diamonds (B10017) MSRP $1185; with 0Ch.08 TCW diamonds (B100019) MSRP $905; with peridot (BG3602), garnet (BG3601), blue topaz (BG3599), citrine (BG3600) and amethyst (BG3597) MSRP: $485

What’s New for 2023:


This trend shows no signs of fading, and Royal Chain is expanding their selection of spool chain for 2023. The company is even adding super cute charms for an extra personal touch. This is the perfect way to get people into your store and create a jewelry-buying experience like no other.

The Gold Standard
This image showcases Royal Chain’s new 14K gold spool chain for permanent jewelry. Links featured here are the bead, rolo and paperclip links. Bead and rolo are available in 100″ spool lengths, paperclip available in 90″. Inquire about pricing at or by calling 800-622-0960.


Jewelry and exotic animals have always had a special relationship. Check out the panthers and pythons making their Royal Chain spring debut in shimmering gold.


Spring and summer are when people are willing to experiment more with colors. Royal Chain is adding genuine color gemstones to some of their most popular chain styles for an updated take on the classics. Paperclip and curb chains featuring multi-colored gemstones are perfect for layering on the neck or wrist.

The Gold Standard
New for Spring 2023: 16” mirror chain necklaces in 14K yellow gold with gemstones. From left to right: citrine (C15480-16) MSRP: $260; amethyst (C15478-16) MSRP: $260; garnet (C15479-16) MSRP: $260; peridot (C15481-16) MSRP: $260; and blue topaz (C15549-16) MSRP: $285


You may have noticed the more varied ways people will style earrings. There are those looking to layer multiple styles on the same ear and those who want big statement hoops. And don’t forget about those who combine both! The Spring 2023 earring selection from Royal Chain has practically every angle covered. From big bold Gucci-inspired bamboo earrings to smaller huggies, you — and your customers — know you need them all.

The Gold Standard
New for Spring 2023: Fashion earrings in 14K yellow gold. From left to right: Bamboo Hoops (36MM wide, ER14443) MSRP: $640; medium puffy hoops (25MM wide, ER14660) MSRP: $715; endless large paperclip (E14739) MSRP: $450; bamboo huggies (17.5MM wide, E14715) MSRP: $555


For more information on the complete line of gold, silver and silver designer jewelry, contact the company directly.
The Gold Standard


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