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The Jewelry Symposium Celebrates Inaugural Conference with Resounding Success

The symposium fostered a diverse and inclusive environment for knowledge exchange.




(PRESS RELEASE) RICHMOND, VA — The Jewelry Symposium, an eagerly anticipated event dedicated to jewelry manufacturing and methods, held its first annual conference from May 14th to May 16th, 2023, to resounding acclaim. The event, which attracted 97 attendees from around the world, took place in the vibrant city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The three-day conference served as a dynamic platform for industry professionals, jewelers, and experts to converge and explore the latest advancements in jewelry manufacturing technology. With representation from countries including the USA, Germany, Canada, India, Italy, United Kingdom, and Yucatan, the symposium fostered a diverse and inclusive environment for knowledge exchange.

Eddie Bell, the esteemed Founder of the Santa Fe Symposium, graced the event as the Keynote Speaker, setting the tone for the intellectually stimulating sessions that followed. Joining him were 16 other field experts and jewelers who captivated the audience with their insightful presentations. The conference covered a wide range of topics, including the intricacies of metallurgy in precious metals, gemstone foiling techniques, and a revolutionary new jewelry manufacturing process enabled by Binder Jet Technology.

The Jewelry Symposium was proud to have the generous support of 16 companies that sponsored the event, with Hoover & Strong being one of the prominent sponsors. Renowned for their commitment to innovation, Hoover & Strong demonstrated their dedication to the industry by actively contributing to the success of this inaugural symposium. Stewart Grice, Vice President of Mill Products, played a pivotal role as a founding board member. Having attended the Santa Fe Symposium annually since 1997, Grice recognized the opportunity to help craft a new forum to disseminate knowledge and was eager to contribute to this groundbreaking initiative.

The founding board members of the Jewelry Symposium include distinguished individuals who share a passion for advancing jewelry manufacturing technology. Linus Droggs, Gary Dawson, Ann Cahoon, Jim Binnion, Elizabeth Watts and Stewart Grice joined forces to create a community that inspires creativity, fosters innovation, and encourages the development and advancement of all facets of the jewelry making family.

“The Jewelry Symposium for the Advancement of Jewelry Manufacturing Technology aims to continue the legacy of the Santa Fe Symposium as the premier educational forum for jewelry manufacturing technology worldwide,” said a spokesperson for the symposium. “While building upon the knowledge-sharing environment established by its predecessor, the Jewelry Symposium is a distinct event that utilizes different resources and venues, presenting a fresh perspective on the future of jewelry manufacturing.”


The Jewelry Symposium looks forward to its next conference in Detroit, MI on May 19th – 21st 2024, where it will continue to nurture a passionate and collaborative global community, promoting creativity, innovation, and the advancement of the jewelry making industry.

About the Jewelry Symposium

The Jewelry Symposium for the Advancement of Jewelry Manufacturing Technology is a passionate, collaborative, non-commercial, global community inspiring creativity, fostering innovation, and encouraging the further development and advancement of all facets of the jewelry making family.



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