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The Plumb Club September Podcasts Focus on Product

Plumb Club members provide valuable information for fourth quarter.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – As retailers prepare for the Q4, the wildly popular Plumb Club Podcast series has shifted the focus of theme for September to product-specific information and tips that retailers and sales associates can implement immediately in-store to impact holiday sales. This month the podcast series will introduce two timely subjects, delivered by esteemed and knowledgeable Plumb Club members, providing insights, knowledge, statistics and history on diamond trends and lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. Here is September’s learning line-up.

Diamond Trends in Today’s World

Jeffrey Cohen gives an insider look at the current consumer diamond demand when it comes to engagement rings. He provides knowledge and insight. across the 3 major retail sectors of the market, into the most popular diamond shapes and the most commonly used qualities, as well as information on the desirability of “composite-heads” and single stones. Additionally, he discusses the up-tick of lab-grown diamonds and the use of other precious and semi-precious colored gemstones in engagement rings. Jeffrey Cohen is the VP of sales for KGS Jewels, a DTC sight holder with one of the largest diamond cutting factories in the world.

Lab-Grown Gemstones and Diamonds – Become Fearless in The Age of Progression and Change

Monica McDaniel takes you through the rich history of created gems from their origins in the early 1800’s to today. She provides an understanding of the technical differences between the various gem creation processes and the terminology used to describe them. Additionally, she gives tips on language that can be used in-store to “become fearless” and speak succinctly about the differences between lab-grown and earth-mined gems. Monica McDaniel is the VP and marketing director of Chatham Created Gems and Diamonds. Chatham, the original architects of the lab-grown gemstone industry since 1938, is the brand authority in laboratory-grown gemstones and diamond jewelry.

The Plumb Club podcasts, which are added monthly, provide strategies, knowledge and immediately actionable steps that will help retailers across a variety of business areas. The newest podcasts, as well as the previous ones, are available on The Plumb Club website under the “Resources” tab.



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