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Plumb Club’s August Podcasts Help Retailers Understand Supply Chain and Diamond Trends

The podcasts will provide listeners valuable insight and easily actionable steps to help retailers.




Plumb Club’s August Podcasts Help Retailers Understand Supply Chain and Diamond Trends

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The Plumb Club’s podcasts for August are now available online. This month’s podcasts, from industry veterans and Plumb Club Members, help retailers understand the diamond supply chain, give retailers a look at diamond trends and provide a point of view on what the future holds for the diamond jewelry industry. Both podcasts will provide listeners valuable insight, as well as easily actionable steps to help retailers.

Shortening The Bridge in Supply Chain – Urmil Gajera – Aneri Jewels: Before diamond jewelry reaches a retailer to be sold, it typically travels a long supply chain, passing through many hands and companies. Urmil Gajera takes the listener through the supply chain journey and points out the benefits to consumers, manufacturers, and the industry overall, that are derived by shortening the supply chain and working with responsible suppliers. Urmil Gajera is involved in every aspect of the supply chain for his company, Aneri Jewels, one of the major jewelry manufacturers and distributors in North America, since 2009.

Diamond Jewelry Trends – Sagar Manilal – Indigo Jewelry: Consumer buying habits have changed recently. Sagar Manilal describes how fancy-shaped diamonds are taking a bigger piece of the sales pie and how the availability of easier financing is resulting in higher-priced items being sold at retail. Further, he discusses the impact of technology and how it has become a powerful tool for the jewelry consumer and provides some thoughts on what’s in store for the future. Sagar Manilal manages sales for Indigo Jewelry, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the S. Vinodkumar Group of companies, one of the most renowned diamond and jewelry companies in the world.

The Plumb Club podcasts, which are added monthly, provide strategies, knowledge, and immediately actionable steps from industry leaders, that help retailers across a variety of business areas. The newest podcasts, as well as the previous ones, are available on The Plumb Club website under the “Resources” tab.



Wilkerson Testimonials | MSG Jewelers

Wilkerson Takes the Worry Out of Closing

MSG Jewelers has always treated its customers like family. When owner Mike George decided to retire and close the doors of his St. Louis, Missouri jewelry store, he selected a company to manage his going-out-of-business sale that treats its customers like family, too. That’s why he chose Wilkerson. “Wilkerson was able to do all the things that we needed,” says George. In the end, the bittersweet store closing was so much easier with Wilkerson at the helm. From marketing to pricing to inventory, Wilkerson does it all. “It’s a package deal,” says George.

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