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The Rings for Virtual “I Do’s”

For those who had to cancel their physical weddings or others who decided to tie the knot during these uncertain times, virtual weddings are becoming more and more popular. If you had a wedding planned, you are more than likely to have an engagement ring but not the wedding band. And, if you and the love of your life have made this decision at this time of fragility, then you as a couple might want to purchase the bands to signify the bond and purchase the engagement ring later.

In either case, at Gabriel, we can provide you with myriad styles to work with you online, virtually or on an appointment basis. We are making it as easy for you as possible to present you with what you need to say, “I do”, Zoom-ing with your friends and family with a ring that represents a circle of love that can’t be broken — the continuous and enduring — and a future that is bright and filled with love and security.

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