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The Ultimate “All-Inclusive” Experience

The Ultimate “All-Inclusive” Experience

Retailer relationships are at the core of Gabriel & Co.’s success. The “Gabriel Experience” supercharges training, marketing and merchandising to give jewelers a way to compete in a changing retail marketplace.

Jack and Dominick Gabriel, the dynamic team of brothers behind Gabriel & Co., believe that jewelry should capture life’s most celebrated moments. So, it’s not surprising that their newly integrated platform—the Gabriel Experience—speaks to the future of retailing. It places the Gabriel footprint in a changed retail marketplace, underscoring the value of relationships with staff and stores.

Gabriel & Co.’s close ties with their retailers and their passion about every phase of their business has evolved into a program that includes everything from creative store displays to a demo store within their New York City offices. When retailers visit, they learn about Gabriel’s products and brand. The company also produces a yearly magazine, omni-channel collateral and a real-time Gabriel TV station.

“We built the demo store so our retailers can visit and work with us on a more personal and exclusive level,” explains Dominick Gabriel, Senior Vice President & Chief Design Officer. “We can meet at trade shows, but there are time constraints and interruptions that retailers won’t have when they’re in New York. Our Gabriel Studio is designed the way we would set up our brand in stores, from displays to product and merchandising.”

The Ultimate “All-Inclusive” Experience

Dominick Gabriel, Senior Vice President & Chief Design Officer

Founded in 1989, Gabriel & Co. is known for offering its retailer partners unparalleled personal service. In 2012, the company pioneered a way for retailers to embed the Gabriel eShopNShop, a virtual Gabriel & Co. store, onto their own websites. It later evolved into a Bridal View-In-Store and Fashion Checkout in 2017. “In an everchanging marketplace, with women shopping online more, it was a practical solution,” says Chief Executive Officer Jack Gabriel. Customers can check out jewelry on the retailer’s embed before going to the store. “Or, they can buy pieces directly from the site,” says Jack. “We do the legwork and our retailers reap the rewards. We drop ship for them and give our partners the profits.” Consumers can also return any items directly to the store.

Marketing is a huge component of the Gabriel Experience. “We have added a Gabriel TV channel which will be available at many of our shops,” explains Dominick. Content includes Instagram posts, fashion designer collaborations, gift guides, new collection images and hints on how to accessorize with Gabriel & Co. jewelry. Their fashion collaborations feature top fashion designers including Ellie Saab, Bagley Mischka, Tommy Hilfiger and Norma Kamali with photos of the jewelry and fashion worn together. Gabriel & Co.’s yearly magazine extends these fashion partnerships and are semi-customized for participating retailers, including covers with store name and logo.

The Ultimate “All-Inclusive” Experience

Jack Gabriel, Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel & Co.’s merchandising is second to none and designed to save space. New “triple decker” display cases are open so customers can try things on when a store is busy. The company also reintroduced front-loading showcases which Jack first designed for jewelry 15 years ago. “The salesperson can stand in front and help the customer select and stack rings or clasp the back of a necklace, providing a more helpful and intimate experience,” says Jack.

Gabriel & Co.’s latest advertising campaign focuses on the “&”—along with a short “manifesto” on the meaning of a partnership with its retailers. “It’s in our DNA to be all-inclusive. Now we’re sharing this in a statement that emphasizes the value of our relationship with retailers and their customers. We are sharing the passion and the joy of jewelry,” says Dominick.

Working together, these elements built a brand that consumers recognize and trust and gives retailers an experience that Jack explains as, “inspirational, aspirational and educational.”

The Ultimate “All-Inclusive” Experience
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