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The Vicenza Jewelry Museum: A New Permanent Collection Inside Basilica Palladiana

The new approach interpretations of jewelry make it one of a kind in the world.




(PRESS RELEASE) VICENZA – Vicenza’s Museo del Gioiello jewelry museum – a project promoted by Italian Exhibition Group Spa in partnership with Vicenza Municipality – is changing its entire collection.

310 exhibits and masterpieces belong to private collections that are not usually accessible to the public or to sector insiders. An original and unprecedented account of the history of jewelry through a “mixture of contemporaneity, suggestions from the past and projections into the future” and 9 international curators to interpret the extraordinary exhibition area located inside Basilica Palladiana.

The Museo del Gioiello is directed by Alba Cappellieri, professor of jewelry Design at Milan Polytechnic, not to mention Italy’s jewelry expert, and develops over an exhibition layout that offers a permanent collection, renewed every two years, together with a rotation of temporary exhibitions that provide a constant attraction due to the originality of their cultural content.

The third edition opens on 14th December 2018 and will be accessible to the public until the end of 2020.

On entering the exhibition, the visitor will be greeted by the ‘Flora High jewelry’ necklace by Bulgari. This item was selected by professor Cappellieri as the emblem of the third edition. “I have chosen this extraordinary item as a tribute to Italian manufacture and beauty. Bulgari was inspired by the paintings of Sandro Botticelli, whose eternal grace reverberates in this precious and delicate floral bouquet, and the splendid manufacture enhances Italian artisan workmanship.”

The new approach that the Museo del Gioiello offers interprets jewelry according to profoundly different values, aesthetics and content, making it one of a kind in the world. The exhibition itinerary winds through 9 rooms, each containing a different meaning of jewelry, in a gathering of content, eras, geographies and origins. jewelry defined as Symbol, Magic, Function, Beauty, Art, Fashion, Design, Icon and Future, each, in the new edition, entrusted to an international curator who has interpreted the meaning through beautiful and priceless items of jewelry.


Pascale Lepeu, director of the Cartier collection for over 30 years – selected the items for the Symbol Room where jewelry illustrates the symbolic power of ornaments. Symbols of power, wealth, religion, royalty, manufacture: the room offers a varied vision of jewelry and its many roles through time.

The Magic Room is entrusted to Cristina Boschetti – archaeologist and expert in artistic productions in the Hellenistic and Roman Mediterranean: protective amulets and talismans, jewelry with propitiatory powers to ward off evil influences. A variety of objects made of very different poor or precious materials, that allude to superior powers and timeless values. Going through the room is an intense and suggestive experience.

For the Function Room, Massimo Vidale – professor of Archaeology at Padua University – decided to focus on the communicative function of jewelry. From seals, the jewelry of warriors from different cultures, to the rings and pendants used by rappers, elements that help to build and transmit the identity of the person wearing them.

The Beauty Room contains an interpretation by Patrizia di Carrobio – a diamond expert in New York. In her opinion, jewelry transfers beauty to those who admire it. The theme is play with a fascinating blend of values where high and fashion jewelry intermingle.

Marie-José van den Hout – the Dutch gallery manager, founder of the Marzee, the world’s largest independent gallery – is in charge of the Art Room. The theme is gold and the story unravels through the experimentation processes of international artists who were not afraid to take creativity and experimentation to the limit, achieving surprising results.

In the Fashion Room, curated by Chichi Meroni, creative soul of the Arabesque Cult Store in Milan – an important wunderkammer of costume jewelry, fashion and mid-century design – the visitor is taken on a journey in which, letting himself be carried by the jewelry created for fashion between the 20’s and 80’s, will touch nine “islands” in the history of “bijoux de couture” and its link with the seven major arts that in this room are finally welcoming also fashion and design.


Alba Cappellieri herself is the curator of the Design Room. Her selection is dedicated to “designers without design”, in other words, to those designers that have never explored any other product than jewelry.  It is an interpretation that takes jewelry designers, who are also artisans and authors, back into the design hive that has ignored them for too long and shows us the permeability and transverse nature of jewelry design.

The Icon Room is under the curatorship of Gabriele and Emanuele Pennisi, jewelers and antique dealers from Milan, who specialize in antique jewelry. This selection dedicated to Europe contains masterpieces from the past dating from the 17th to the 20th centuries, icons of their times: from the extraordinary mountings of the 1800s to the exquisite workmanship of jewels in enamel and from seals to portraits of famous people.

The last room, devoted to the Future, is the responsibility of international fashion designer, Olga Noronha. Her opinions of jewelry in the future include various and multi-disciplinary perspectives. It is a preview of the future: from digital jewelry that modifies the body to invisible jewelry grafted under the skin, to therapeutic items and home-made jewelry that can be self-produced.

“The Museo del Gioiello is the first in Italy and one of only a few museums around the world exclusively dedicated to jewelry,” said Marco Carniello, director of Italian Exhibition Group’s  jewelry and Fashion Division. “It is unique and we are proud because it contributes to making Vicenza the global “heart” of jewelry. Italian jewelry art draws value from its origins and we see it as our duty to preserve it, safeguard it and make it available in order to spread culture everywhere.”




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Press Releases

Citizen Commercial Features Iconic ‘I’m Late’ Song From Alice In Wonderland — Watch the Video

It features the famous White Rabbit along with several hidden references to the classic film.




(PRESS RELEASE) LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL – Along with the unveiling of Citizen’s newly branded in-park clocks at Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort as well as its Mickey Mouse timepiece launch, Citizen continues to emphasize time with the song choice for its first-ever commercial.

Paying homage to the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland, the commercial features a reworking of the iconic song “I’m Late” as sung by the White Rabbit.

The global television spot, the first in the brand’s alliance with Disney, features the famous White Rabbit along with several hidden references to the classic film. Brought to life by creative production partner Townhouse, the classic fairytale is reimagined into a modern wonderland with a combination of live action and CGI featuring Alice, the infamous Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and more.

The story opens with playful bunnies rushing a street lined with daisies. One of them is the White Rabbit in a race against time, but in today’s world. In the first scene, he’s late to a meeting with Alice and the Mad Hatter, both of whom are wearing their Citizen timepieces. In the second scenario, the White Rabbit is late to a showing of “Queen of Hearts” at the Kings Theatre. A modern-day Cheshire Cat checks his Citizen timepiece as he enters the theater on time, only to shut the door closed as the White Rabbit runs to enter, but is too late. Throughout the commercial, those around the White Rabbit, like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, are struck by his rushed persona, while the White Rabbit continues on his quest to be on time.

The commercial can be seen globally in two 15-second versions and two 30-second versions starting this fall and will air on select television networks, including ABC and FOX, as well as on Roku and in cinema with Screenvision.

Each year, Citizen will continue to celebrate its alliance with Disney by using an iconic Disney tune for advertising.

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Tiasuwan Receives JNA Lifetime Achievement Award

It’s one of the highest honors in the international jewelry and gemstone industry.




(PRESS RELEASE) Mr. Prida Tiasuwan, Board chairman of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited received one of the highest honors in the international jewelry and gemstone industry this year – the Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by the JNA Awards organized by UBM Asia.

This award is considered the highest honor for individuals who contributed to the advancement of the jewelry industry by promoting the best business practices, leadership excellence and innovation. Mr. Prida is also known for nurturing new generations of artists who are preserving Thailand’s time-honored jewelry-making traditions. The event was held on September 17, 2018 at the Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair.

“I am truly honored and grateful to receive this international accolade from the JNA Awards. This industry has given me so much happiness in my life. I and top leaders around me have trained and developed thousands of people into becoming fine craftsmen, and I am extremely delighted to say that they are proud to create beautiful and exquisite jewelry pieces.  I feel that God has given us the duty to fulfill the needs of those who wish to celebrate meaningful occasions by offering special and unique jewelry to their loved ones. We have accomplished this task – and more – since we ensure that all our products are and will be produced in a socially responsible way,” Mr. Prida shared.

“I’m honored and I’m feeling happy to receive this award. Then I start to reflect after that moment onward and I realized that is this really the most important point?
Our industry has never really been admired properly. We had served the world or at least half of the world to make them happy, to make them feel confident. We use our two hands to cut to beautify the stones that nobody wants into a most beautiful thing and we do it with happiness.

I was very happy because every time when I look at my workers, I look at them like precious things. When I look at their faces, they are so happy to do what they are doing, but they never really been recognized properly. And now I feel that I am the extension of them to get something that they can feel proud of. Thanks JNA for lifting the spirit of the gems and jewelry industry and lifting the spirit of workers who has produced the thing that they love for the people that love beautiful things.” Mr. Prida said while receiving the award.

Mr. Prida known as one of Thailand’s visionary business leaders, is credited for transforming PRANDA Group into one of the world’s top jewelry manufacturers and exporters, and the Southeast Asian country’s flagship jewelry brand. Under Prida’s leadership, PRANDA mastered the mass-production of fine-quality jewellery, a feat which used to be the exclusive domain of highly skilled goldsmiths. This high-profile industry pioneer also champions Thailand-made jewellery globally, encouraging other home-grown manufacturers to explore and capture international markets.

Mr. Prida has devoted himself to the industry for more than four decades. He currently serves as vice president of the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association, director of the Subcommittee on Marketing at The Gem & Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) and director of The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). He is also a member (5th Class) of The Most Noble Order of The Crown of Thailand for his outstanding service to the Kingdom of Thailand.



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Harry Kotlar Celebrates Grand Boutique Opening at Tiny Jewel Box and 70th Year Anniversary

Both Harry Kotlar and Tiny Jewel Box have decades-long histories.





WASHINGTON – One of the world’s top jewelry design houses, Harry Kotlar, celebrated its 70th anniversary and the opening of its new boutique at Tiny Jewelry Box in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 8. 

“Both Harry Kotlar and Tiny Jewel Box have decades-long histories,” says David Wiener, Harry Kotlar’s president and head designer. “The opening of the Harry Kotlar boutique inside Tiny Jewel Box represents a confluence of those two histories. It’s also a tangible proof of our shared commitment to excellence and luxury.”

The focus of the event was the anniversary collection, which gathered seven key pieces — one for each decade of the brand’s existence. Each piece references popular design hallmarks of the time, but are nonetheless timeless.

Guests of the event, which included Kotlar collectors, jewelry enthusiasts, influencers and editors, witnessed the unveiling of the anniversary collection. Each of the pieces were curated and presented in museum-like vignettes with a unique Museum Audio Guide. Eighteen of Harry Kotlar’s collections were also presented in a museum-like environment. Guests also had an opportunity to create their own Harry Kotlar pieces with a Harry Kotlar Illustrator onsite. 

Viewed as a whole, the collections told the story of Harry Kotlar’s dedication to jewelry-making.

Now, About that Surprise Gold Kotlar Locket…

There was actually an eighth piece in the collection, and it caused quite a stir among attendees.

That piece was a golden locket, made in the image of Harry Kotlar’s personal golden pocket watch. During World War II, Harry used his own watch as an exchange to guarantee safe passage for his family. That sacrifice paved the way for his family’s bright future — and the future of the brand.

The locket was crafted with tthe high craftsmanship given to all pieces in the anniversary collection. At the center of the locket was a opal from Helen Kotlar’s personal collection. The front of the locket is adorned with a special Lily Artisan Pavé, a tribute to Harry’s wife Helen, who adored flowers. Re-envisioning Harry’s pocket watch as a locket allows its bearer to insert their own mementos and photographs, in effect making them become a part of the jewelry design house’s decades-long history.

An Exceptional Book & Film for An Exceptional History

Each of these pieces were featured within the pages of an exclusive coffee table book and fashion film, which was also released at the boutique opening. The book and two-minute film give the audience a first-hand look into the evolution of Harry Kotlar’s design philosophy and dedication to the craft.

Each chapter shows Harry Kotlar’s evolution of design and the inspiration behind each anniversary piece. One of the key fashion inspirations? The little black dress, which has proven to be a common element through all the decades.

“The little black dress, much like our jewelry, has also evolved through the years and remained classic and sophisticated — which is why I decided to dress the model in versions of the dress that epitomizes each decade,” says Czarah Cabrera, brand & creative director for Harry Kotlar. “Combining fine jewelry with fashion was intentional; most contemporary jewelry compositions look cold and impersonal. By adding a fashion element that visually tells a story — specifically, the evolution of the little black dress — we give the photographs and the film a keen sense of humanity while maintaining their timelessness, poetry and iconic status.”

The result is a book and film designed to serve as a tribute to the Harry Kotlar legacy. All the attendees took home one of these remarkable books for them to keep.

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