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The World’s First Diamond Identification Series Launches Live

Hosting eight renowned diamond researchers from across the globe, the Advanced Diamond Online Academy debuts a diamond diagnosis series.




The World’s First Diamond Identification Series Launches Live

(PRESS RELEASE) CANADA — An intercontinental diamond educational web series will premiere on Friday, April 9, 2021 at 7:30am PT, 10:30am ET when launches its Advanced Diamond Online Academy TM. The second of ten online seminars start with eight of the world’s leading scientific, diamondfocused minds. The introductory seminar by John Chapman of Gemetrix, Australia has been available as a free download since the end of February 2021 by visiting here. Hailing from Australia, Canada, China, Russia, Switzerland and the USA, this team of gemological experts offer a dynamic, hour-long diamond discussion. Concluding each one-hour forum, an additional thirty minutes are set to address questions from worldwide attendees.

The lecture series debut focuses on a common concern for diamond professionals and jewelry retailers worldwide: The need to quickly and accurately identify lab-grown and treated diamonds and screen color origin of colored diamonds, especially at the point-of-sale. Blockchain technology may identify a natural diamond’s origination but full disclosure moves natural, man-made and treated diamonds from counters to consumers. Wherever a diamond is sold, trust precedes the sale, and trust aligns with safe and secure diamond detection.

The array of diamond gear to handle this job is a clutter of confusion. Enter the Advanced Diamond Online Academy TM offering results and recommendations tested on over 15 devices with over 100 diamonds of various origins. “Today’s diamond trade has specific needs when determining the type of diamond being tested,” noted Branko Deljanin, President and Head Gemologist at CGL Canadian Gemlab and founder of Branko Gems. “Be it loose or mounted, white or fancy, the ability to confirm if a diamond is mined, treated or man-made is a critical criterion. This is why we’re opening our advanced diamond education program with this topic after 10 years of offering practical workshops in 17 countries worldwide,” Deljanin added.

Backed by decades of diamond expertise starting with GIA to co-authoring with Dusan Simic (AG&J, USA) a series of popular publications including Laboratory Grown Diamonds Information Guide to HPHT and CVD Grown Diamonds, Deljanin is a frequent industry event headliner, and the chairperson of the Mediterranean Gem and Jewellery Conference. As the host of popular online gemological webinars since 2019, Deljanin offers live interaction with sought-after scientists, university professors, diamond researchers and gemological lab pioneers the world over.

On April 16, 2021, the Advanced Diamond Online Academy TM will host Dusan Simic of Manhattan’s Analytical Gemology & Jewelry, then weekly thereafter. Dr. Alexander Zaitsev of New York University; Mikko Astrom of MAGILABS, Finland; Dr. Thomas Hainschwang of GGTL Laboratories, Lichtenstein/Switzerland; Dr. Taijin Lu of NGTC laboratory, China, and Dr. Viktor Vins of Velman in Russia will discuss diamond detection and defects. These sessions embody the Advanced Diamond Online Academy TM series set to run until June 24, 2021.

Attendees of a single lecture will receive a letter of attendance while those that complete ten seminars will gain an academy certificate and a 25% discount toward the purchase of the fourth-series, advanced book, Diamonds: Natural, Treated and Laboratory-Grown by Branko Deljanin and the seven co-authoring experts from the Advanced Diamond Online Academy TM , to be released in mid-2021.
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