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There’s a Fungus Among Us, But It’s Definitely Not This Gem

Identify me to win a free t-shirt in INSTORE’s monthly contest.




I don’t blame René Just Haüy; he just wanted a Greek-inspired name that reflected the way I “scatter” when put to the blowpipe flame. Still, my name evokes images of toenail fungus in the minds of many. So it’s no surprise I’ve become better known by trade names such as csarite, ottomanite, turkizite, and zultanite, which play on my connections to the Anatolian Mountains, the only place I’m found in gem quality.

Who am I?

Guess this gem for a chance to win a “Jewelry Geek” T-shirt. Be sure to include your full name and the name and address of your store. The contest winner will be selected from among correct answers to this question.


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There's a Big Problem With Edna's Jewelry

A customer leaves a valuable strand of pearls with Gene ... and Gene and team aren't quite as careful as they needed to be with the customer's treasure. See more Gene the Jeweler videos here.

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Gem Quiz

This Lovely Green Gem Has a Feather-Like Appearance

Formally, I’m known as “clinochlore,” but if it’s sales you’re after, I recommend yet another name.




There are places gemologists fear to tread, but not marketers, which is why I’m sometimes referred to as “chlorite jade”— a name that captures my lovely green nature but misleads on my mineral make-up. Formally, I’m known as “clinochlore,” but if it’s sales you’re after, I recommend yet another name — one that reflects my chatoyancy-inspired resemblance to feathers and evokes divine intervention rather than an industrial cleaner.

Who am I?

Guess this gem for a chance to win a “Jewelry Geek” T-shirt. Be sure to include your full name and the name and address of your store. The contest winner will be selected from among correct answers to this question.


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Gem Quiz

Here’s the Answer to September’s Gem Quiz

Lots of correct answers, but only one winner — Jerrod Nutt of Thacker Jewelry in Lubbock, TX.




Yes, the answer was morganite! As this month’s winner Jerrod Nutt of Thacker Jewelry in Lubbock, TX, noted, the gemstone was named after JP Morgan to encourage him to finance the original mining operation in California. “What better way to butter someone up than naming a gem after them?” he commented. Several of the many, MANY jewelers who got the quiz correct expressed an ongoing love affair with the gem. Elizabeth Kranyak of Premier Gems in Calgary, AB, was more ambivalent on its staying power. “Still going strong in Calgary, it’s like a nasty cold that keeps coming back.” We know one thing: We have to make these quizzes tougher. 

Well done everyone who made it on to our Honor’s List. 

Stuart Adelman         
Artelle Designs          
Plymouth, MN

Carol Adkins  
Gainesville Jewelry    
Gainesville, GA

Shirley Alexander     
Layali Jewelry            
Nanaimo, BC

Derrick Allen  
Graham Jewelers       
Wayzata, MN

Allan Altman  
Altman Appraisals     
Dallas, GA

Angelique Ayotte      
Grunos’s Diamonds   
Rockford, IL

Shevvy Baker 
The Watch Shop. 
Louisville, KY

Madelynn Benedict   
Swierenga Jewelers  
Caledonia, MI

Dawn Berner            
Dawn’s Jewels           
Brooklyn Park, MN 

Lana Blevins  
Futer Bros. Jewelers      
York, PA

Erin Bonn
Royal Jewelers
Fargo, ND

Brenda Boyd  
Johannes Hunter Jewelers   
Colorado Springs, CO

Chris Brown
Thurber’s Jewelers
Wadsworth, OH

Don Broyles   
Calvin Broyles Jewelers        
Hurricane, WV

Mike Burnette           
Gem Shopping Network                   

Nicole Byrd    
Howard’s Jewelry Center     
Parma Heights, OH

Maureen Carlucci
Stucchi Jewelers
Natick, MA

John Caruso   
Gemological Evaluation & Marketing Services, Inc.           
Danvers, MA

Bryan Cavitt   
Images Jewelers, Inc 
Elkhart, IN

Maria Cayse   
Grogan Jewelers by Lon           
Madison, AL

Tiffany Nicole Crawford
Memphis TN

Anna Crosby 
Starblaze Jewelers,
Tucker, GA

Dana Danford         
Anchorage, AK

Jill Delong  
Ray Eldridge Jewelry   
Forsyth, IL

Greg DeMark 
Greg DeMark Jewelry
Longmont, CO

Forte Dena     
St Petersburg, FL

Robbin Dockery
R.C. Wahl Jewelers
Des Plaines

Katie Dye       
J. David Jewelry         
Broken Arrow, OK

Michael Ellis   
Ellis Jewelers 
Frankfort, IN

Rachel Ennari            
Murphy Jewelers      
Allentown , PA

Charmaine Fair         
Larc Jewelers 
Glen Ellyn, IL

Shanice Figueroa       
Altier Jewelers         
Coral Springs  FL

Linda Flondra            
Flondra Jewellers Ltd.           
Timmins, ON

Charles Ganske          
Charles H. Ganske Personal Jeweler           
Urbandale, IA

Ulises Garcia 
R&N Jewelers 
Margate, FL

Steve Glazer   
Windsor Jewelers      
Charlotte, NC

Hannah Goodman
Hollis & Company Jewelers
Monroe, LA

Aimee Hanna Alexander
Van Dyke and Lehnert         
Asheville, NC

Jonathan  Hart           
Karen’s Jewelers       
Oak ridge, TN

Kim Hatchell  
Galloway & Moseley  
Sumter, SC

Selma Heikkinen
Fairbank and Perry Goldsmiths
Concord, MA

David Hezlep            
Wallace-Burke Fine Jewelry 
Birmingham, Al

Richard Hirsh            
Richard T Hirsh Jewelers       
Dallas, TX

Alexandra Hopkins   
Milano Jewelers         
Pembroke Pines, FL

Gary Hurdle   
Casa de Oro Jewelers
Corpus Christi, TX

Michael Jakubowski 
Gem Fanatic   
Murdock, FL

Marisa Jannaman
Cottage Hill Diamonds
Elmhurst, IL

Kathy Jenkins           
Bravo Jewellers         
Carlsbad, CA  

Tina Kadner  
Galinda’s Jewelry      
Encino, CA

Kathy Keiser  
Mountz Jewelers       
Camp Hill, PA

Kathy Kelehan        
K Kelehan Jewelry          
Los Angeles, CA

Veronica Kelly            
Mulloys Fine jewelry             
Carlsbad, CA  

Inez Kennedy            
Garland Jewelers       
Renton, WA

Nicole King
Jewelers Bench
Kingwood, TX

Amanda Kline            
Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers      
New Oxford, PA

Kelly Knieling
Treasure Hunt 
Irwin, PA

Kimberly Kolnes      
Knowles Jewelry of Minot    
Minot, ND

Ira Kramer     
Diamond Exchange of North Florida          
Tallahassee, FL

Elizabeth Kranyak
Premier Gems
Calgary, AB

Karen Kuhn   
Arabesque Jewelers, Inc.      
High Ridge, MO

Mike Kutulas 
Smythe & Cross         
Los Altos, CA

Dennis LaFont 
LaFont’s Jewelry
Aptos, CA

Douglas Lantz            
MJ Harrington Jewelers        
Hanover, NH

Rika Larson
Collector Fine Jewelry
Fallbrook, CA

MaryAnne  LaRussa 
Futer Bros Jewelers  
Gettysburg, PA

Robin Laughlin
Wiford Jeweler
Sidney, OH 

Amanda Lawrence
Abracadabra Jewelry
Ann Arbor, MI

Jae C Lehew
S & S Diamonds and Fine Jewelry
New Martinsville, WV

Marissa Lockwood     
Austin’s Fine Jewelry & Ring Museum         
Las Cruces, NM

Jennie Lukens            
Calhoun Jewelers      
Oley, PA

Robert Lurie          
Robert Lurie Jewellery Evaluator  
Milnerton, Cape Town   Western Province

Kay MacIntyre           
First People’s Jewelers         
Denton, TX

Rick Marciano            
Lee Perla        
New Milford, NJ

Andrea Mattei           
Judith Ansteth Jewelers       
Chicago, IL

Kristi McAfee
Jewelers Bench 
Kingwood, TX 

 Holly McHone            
Holly mcHone Jewelers         
Astoria, OR

Patrick McNeill          
Garwood’s Jewelers  
Fort Collins, CO

Elizabeth Menard     
Romm diamonds       
Brockton, MA

Robert Merritt           
Reeds Jewelers         
Daytona Beach, FL

Betty Methvin            
Whitlock Jewelry Store         
Eufaula, AL

Chris Meyers 
Roemer Originals      
Saint Louis, MO

Robert Mitchell         
Nord Jewelers            
Kalamazoo, MI

Brenda Monn            
Jerry’s Occoquan Jewelers   
Occoquan, VA

Joseph Montanari      
Montanari, Inc.
Kansas City, MO                    

Paula Morgan           
Hollywood, FL

Lori Moyer 
Moyer jewelers
State College, PA

Melissa Navarraz
Navarra’s Jewelry and Gifts
Lake Charles, LA

Jamie Norton 
Holliday Jewelry        
Klamath Falls, OR

Logan Nye     
Holly McHone Jewelers         
Astoria, OR

Lance Nygaard         
Lance Nygaard Gems            
Sioux Falls, SD

Steffanie O’Sullivan  
Abbott Taylor Jewelers         
Tucson, AZ      

Kendra Ostrinski 
Ware Jewelers      
Opelika, Al

Marisa Padin 
At Last Fine Jewelry  
Providence Forge, VA

Phyllis Painter           
Phyllis Painter Designs         
Houston, TX

C. Ivy Palmer 
Heart of the Home    
New Hope, PA

Richard Pampillonia 
Pampillonia Jewelers            
Bethesda, MD

Sarah Patty    
Ware Jewelers           
Spanish Fort, AL

Roger Pauling            
Lapidary Arts Custom Jewelery       
Dallas, TX

Theresa Peregoy
Classic Facets
Boulder, CO

PJ Pevey
Traditional Jewelers
McComb, MS

Eric Phillips    
Carats by Eric            
Elk River, MN

Bonnie Piccone          
VanScoy Jewelers of Wyomissing                
Wyomissing, PA

Carol Pinks     
Kokkelers Inc.
Bismarck, ND                     

Kristen Poole 
Sondras Fine Jewelry            
Schenectady, NY

Carmen Poss
Artistic Jewelry & Repair Inc.
Russellville, AL

Elizabeth Puckett      
Hillcrest Designer Jewelry    
Little Rock, AR

Wes R. 
Your Jewelry Box      
Altoona, PA

Brennan Richardson 
Richardson Jewelers 
Escanaba, MI

Stephanie Robinson 
Marshall Granger Jewelers  
Cold Spring, KY

Kellan Robinson        
Kesslers Diamonds   
Milwaukee, WI

Mark Ruby     
SunSpirit Designs      
Loveland, CO

Rick Sanders  
Sanders Jewelers      
Gainesville, FL

Kathrin Schoenke     
KNS Platinum Solutions       
Walnut, CA

Irene Schrowang       
Schneiders Jewelers  
Kingston, NY

Lori Shifter 
St. Louis, MO

Connie Skeen 
H. Watson Jewelers   
Chicago, IL

Noel Slack
G. Allan Jewelers 
Minneapolis, MN

Erica Slattery
Knar Jewellery
Toronto, ON

Katherine Spencer
Spencer & Kuehn Fine Jewelry Studio
Morgantown, WV

Zach Spicer    
Athens Jewelers        
Mishawaka, IN

Jackson Eric Steventon         
JES Jewelers   
Hereford, AZ

Danessa Stewart-Swartz
Stewart’s of Wichita, Inc. 
Wichita, KS

Chelsea Strawser 
Beverly’s Jewelers
Pembroke Pines, FL

Randy Stricklin          
Bartolos Jewelry Design       
Midwest City, OK

Diane Thielker          
Romm Diamonds, 
Brockton, MA

Bill Thurber   
Haring Jewelers         
Mansfield, OH

Brianna Tomas
Jürgens Fine Jewelry
North Bend, OR

Valarei Van Sickle
Rudnick Jewelers
Sheboygan, Wi

Deborah Vattelana    
R. Bruce Carson Jewelers     
Hagerstown, MD

Michelle Wakal         
Roland’s Jewelry       
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta 

George Ward          
Ward’s Jewelers   
Bonsall, CA

Colleen Weimar
Kay Cameron Jewelers
Sayville, NY

Randy Wiese  

R.C. Wiese, Inc.           
Fort Wayne, IN    

Janet Williams           
Good Day Media        
San Marcos, CA

Timothy Wilson         
Ben Bridge Jeweler               
Scottsdale, AZ

Peter Witt      
Austin Fine Jewelry   
Austin, TX

Tim Wright   
Simply Unique Jewelry Designs      
Yorktown, VA

Ron Yates       
Modesto, CA

Robert Young            
Robert Young Jeweler Extraordinaire        
Belleair Bluffs, FL

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Gem Quiz

Gem Quiz: This Gemstone Is Having a Moment That Goes On and On

I was the “it” stone of 2015. Who am I?





It really has to be said I’ve been having a moment … that just seems to go on and on and on. I was the “It” stone of 2015 and while Pantone insisted rose quartz was its color of the year in 2016, it was I that was to be seen at all the best Hollywood parties – and increasingly on the hands of young, independent-minded brides. For centuries I was known simply as pink beryl. That changed in 1911 when I was elevated to a gemstone in my own right, and named after a powerful, purple-nosed financier and mineral collector of the time.

Who am I?

Guess this gem for a chance to win a “Jewelry Geek” T-shirt. Be sure to include your full name and the name and address of your store. The contest winner will be selected from among correct answers to this question.

Fill out my online form.

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