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There’s a Fungus Among Us, But It’s Definitely Not This Gem

Identify me to win a free t-shirt in INSTORE’s monthly contest.




I don’t blame René Just Haüy; he just wanted a Greek-inspired name that reflected the way I “scatter” when put to the blowpipe flame. Still, my name evokes images of toenail fungus in the minds of many. So it’s no surprise I’ve become better known by trade names such as csarite, ottomanite, turkizite, and zultanite, which play on my connections to the Anatolian Mountains, the only place I’m found in gem quality.

Who am I?

Guess this gem for a chance to win a “Jewelry Geek” T-shirt. Be sure to include your full name and the name and address of your store. The contest winner will be selected from among correct answers to this question.


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Wilkerson Testimonials

To Generate Funds for a Jeweler’s Move and Remodel, Wilkerson More Than Delivered

Even successful jewelers need a little extra cash to fund expansion plans—especially when there’s inventory on hand that’s ripe for liquidation. For Beaumont, Texas-based jeweler Michael Price, co-owner of Mathews Jewelers, it was the perfect time to call Wilkerson. Price talked to other jewelers as well as vendors for advice during the selection process and decided to go with Wilkerson. And he wasn’t disappointed. When it comes to paying for the move and expansion, Price says the road ahead is clear. “When we close on the next two stores, there’s no worries about finances.”

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Gem Quiz

I Am Rare, Stunning and Contain a Gemological Mystery in My Core

I am California’s official gemstone (no Googling allowed!).




I AM ONE OF the world’s rarest gemstones and one of gemology’s greatest mysteries — science has been unable to explain my color, nor has anyone been able to artificially reproduce my crystal structure. First found in California’s southern Mount Diablo range in 1906, I am today that state’s official gemstone. Shreve & Co., the famed San Francisco store, led the drive to market me as a jewelry stone but despite my stunning brilliance — my dispersion is only slightly less than that of a diamond — I have never caught on with consumers (I am a little soft and usually very small in gem quality samples). Nevertheless, I remain highly prized among collectors.

Who am I?

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Gem Quiz

Here’s the Answer to January’s Gem Quiz

And congratulations to our winner.




CARNELIAN WAS THE answer to our January Gem Quiz and Sally Davis from Vierk’s Fine Jewelry in Lafayette, IN, was our winner. Well done, Sally, a true gem lover with decades of experience in the industry. Here she proudly poses in her Jewelry Geek finery.

Well done too to all our Honorable Mentions who correctly identified the answer. We’ll have a new quiz posted soon.

Stuart Adelman
Artelle Designs Fine Jewelry & Custom Design
Plymouth, MN

Derrick Allen
Graham Jewelers
Wayzata, MN

John Bowen
Sierra-West Custom Jewelers
Orem, UT

John Bradshaw
John J. Bradshaw
Nashua, NH

Ronda Brummett
Celestial Jewelers
Acworth, GA

Mike Burnette
Gem Shopping Network
Duluth, GA

Clayton Coker
Antiquarian Jewelers
Gulf Breeze, FL

Karen Coyle
Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers
New Oxford, PA

Brendon Davis
Thomas A. Davis Jeweler
Holland, MI

Tania De Luna
Vierk’s Fine Jewelry
Lafayette, IN

Katie Dye
J. David Jewelry
Tulsa, OK

Steve Glazer
Bob Richards Jewelers
Germantown, TN

Karl Gomez
Jurgens Jewelers
North Bend, OR

Christina Grande
Richters Jewelry
Londonderry, NH

Jonathan Hart
Karen’s Jewelers
Oak Ridge, TN

Selma Heikkinen
Fairbank and Perry Goldsmiths
Concord, MA

Anne Henderson
Henderson & Co Jewelers
Mechanicsburg, PA

Jennifer Hornik Johnson,
G.G. Miller’s Jewelry
Bozeman, MT

Peter Indorf
Peter Indorf Designs
Melbourne, FL

McKae Johnson
Mark Jewellers
La Crosse, WI

Steve Jones
Old West Guns & Trading Co.
Carefree, AZ

Autumn Knight
AZ Watch & Jewelry Service
Tucson, AZ

Karen Kuhn
Arabesque Jewelers, Inc.
High Ridge, MO

MaryAnne LaRussa
Futer Bros Jewelers
York, PA

Doug Lantz
MJ Harrington Jewelers
Newport, NH

Nadia Lorr
Steve Quick Jeweler
Chicago, IL

Robert Lurie
Robert Lurie Jewellery Evaluator
Milnerton, Cape Town, Western Province

Lisa Lyons
Clarkson Jewelers
Ellisville, MO

Nina Mahl
Be On Park Fine Jewelry
Winter Park, FL

Andrea Mattei
Judith Ansteth Jewelers
Chicago, IL

Jona McCauley

B & B Jewelers
Huntsville, AL

Amanda Moreno, C.G.
Moretti’s Fine Jewelry
San Antonio, TX

Jamie Norton
Holliday Jewelry
Klamath Falls , OR

Logan Nye
Holly McHone Jewelers
Astoria, OR

Steffanie O’Sullivan
Abbott Taylor Jewelers
Tucson, AZ

Theresia Oreskovic
Peter & Co Jewelers of Avon Lake
Avon Lake, OH

Kendra Ostrinski
Ware Jewelers
Opelika, AL

Monicac Panek
Murduffs Jewelry
Florence, MA

Elizabeth Parker
Curt Parker Jewelers
St Louis, MO

Brette Peters
Dixon Jewellers
Ottawa, Ontario

Cait Russell
Starflower Jewelry
Huntington Station, NY

Mike Schowalter
Miners Den Jewelers
Royal Oak, MI

Leslie Schwab
Aras Jewelers
Rockville, MD

Shelley Seemann
The Cedar Chest Fine Jewelry
Sanibel Island, FL

Jennifer Sullivan
Goodman’s Jewelers
Madison, WI

Hakan Topuzyan
Unique Settings Of New York
Long Island City, New York

Alicia Winalski
Nyman Jewelers
Old Saybrook, CT

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Gem Quiz

This Former Luxury Gem Bathes in the Orange Glow of History

It’s said the prophet Mohammed wore a silver ring set with it.




TODAY THE TERM “luxury goods” means Louis Vuitton handbags, Chanel No. 5 perfume and high-end jewelry, but there was a time when it meant frankincense and myrrh and me. This was especially the case in and around the old Muslim world, because of the way I could be carved and used as a seal. There is even a story that the prophet Mohammed wore a silver ring set with a seal carved from yours truly. Agate, aventurine, chrysophrase … I share numerous characteristics with my chalcedony brothers, but none bathes in the same deep orange glow of history as I do.

Who am I?

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