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These Are The Tasks Managers Must Do To Ensure Readiness for the Holiday Season

Prep a checklist to make sure everything and everyone is ready for December.




These Are The Tasks Managers Must Do To Ensure Readiness for the Holiday Season

Dec. 5-11

SHOWROOM If you don’t already have a selfie corner, set up something now to capture the holiday crowds. It shouldn’t require a huge investment, just somewhere in the store where you control the backdrop, lighting and quality of the photograph. The background should feature your store’s branded logo but be neutral enough to let the jewelry be the star.

OPERATIONS Run through a checklist of everything that needs to be taken care of to allow you to focus on selling during the holiday season. After a busy day working, the last thing you’ll want to do is run an errand. Be sure to stock up on all cleaning essentials (sanitizer, wipes).

OPERATIONS Are Buster and Daisy ready for the big show too? A thorough pre-holiday grooming session for your store mascot, including deep brushing and shampoo, will ensure stray hairs are kept to a minimum over the next few weeks. Add a spritz of doggy fragrance, a special festive collar and your store’s best friend will be primed for holiday business.


Dec. 12-18

MARKETING Only 14 days to go: Highlight any extended hours on your website. Mark this key threshold by starting to order in lunch for staff. It gets tough for everyone to grab a decent lunch around now.

MANAGEMENT Dole out your praise liberally. It’s the No. 1 way to guide your employees’ work patterns. “Loved the way you handled Grandma.”

HOLIDAY SPIRIT Exemplify the spirit of the holiday season by making shots of coffee available for the UPS, FedEx and other courier service guys who are going flat out in support of your operation.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Drop handwritten thank-you notes in customers’ bags. Keep it short (e.g., “It was a lot of fun serving you today … I think your gift is going to be a big hit!”).

Dec. 19-25

MOTIVATION Need a kick? Look up some of the old Nike ads on YouTube. You’ll soon be setting the alarm for 5:30 and making your way to the store long before most of your neighbors have stirred. Here is one to search for: “Nike wake up call.”


SALES FLOOR Don’t let the Apple Store grab all those phone owners in need of a recharge. Place a small sign in-store and on your website that says customers are welcome to stop by and power up their phones — and while they are there, who knows what goodies they might spy.

REWARDS “Shout Hallelujah because after the 25th, ‘tis the season to rest, relax and enjoy with family and friends the fruits of our labor,” says Denise Oros of Linnea Jewelers in La Grange, IL. We couldn’t have put it better.

Dec. 26-Jan. 1

OPERATIONS Send out thank-you cards to every customer, even those who just bought a battery. For your best customers, make follow-up calls (or send texts for younger customers). “So, how did it go?” If not well, tell them to come in and take advantage of your exchange policy.

MANAGEMENT On New Year’s Eve, here’s a question to ask yourself as you prepare to close your doors on 2021: Was the less-than-successful approach I took to a long-running issue/challenge/problem this year the same one that I used in 2020?

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