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These Were the 10 Most-Read Jewelry Stories of 2016

See what you were reading in 2016.




These Were the 10 Most-Read Jewelry Stories of 2016

Your favorites, based on web traffic.

It’s always interesting at the end of the year to look back at which stories attracted the most reader interest.

That’s fairly easy to do in the world of digital journalism: You just check the number of clicks the articles received.

This year, your favorite stories ranged from straight news items to advice pieces to insightful reads addressing some of the changes the industry is facing.

Below are the 10 most popular INSTORE stories of 2016 based on web traffic. Note that there may have been further developments in these stories since they were published.

1. A 72-Year-Old Jewelry Store’s Farewell Letter to the Millennials Who Just Don’t Understand

This was a letter from Avedis Guerboian of Readers Fine Jewelry in Santa Monica, CA, posted on social media and on the store’s website. The 72-year-old store closed its doors for the last time on June 25.

2. Michael Phelps’ Engagement Ring Represents a “Pool of Love”

Who doesn’t love to read the latest bit of celebrity buzz, especially when it relates to your own industry?

3. 100 Things a Jewelry Salesperson Should Never Do

We actually published this story in 2013, and it has turned into a perennial favorite, continuing to attract readers year after year.

4. >David Geller: An Open Letter About the Shortage of Jewelers

In this column, Geller explains why you can’t find a bench jeweler. Hint: It’s because you won’t pay enough.

5. He’s Closing His Jewelry Store After 52 Years. Here’s Why ….

Tower of Jewels in Las Vegas closed its doors after more than five decades in business.

6. Jewelry Store Shootout Leaves 1 Dead

A robbery suspect died in a shootout at Jeff’s Jewelry in Texas.

7. After 100 Years in Business, Jewelry Chain to Shutter All 54 Stores

A weak Canadian dollar and a soft economy in Western Canada were two factors that contributed to the struggles of Winnipeg-based Ben Moss Jewellers.

8. Tacori Sues Independent Jeweler Alleging Sale of Counterfeit Ring

Tacori filed a lawsuit against the Intercarats independent jewelry store in Norfolk, VA, claiming that the shop sold at least one counterfeit Tacori engagement ring.

9. Chicago Jeweler Loses Entire Inventory in ‘Sophisticated’ Heist

Tamaki Ogura, 78, was quoted saying: “They took everything — 100 percent. I have nothing to sell.”

10. Jeweler Must Pay $284,000 in Dispute Over Diamond Quality

Intercarats LLC in Norfolk, VA, and the store’s owner were ordered by a jury to pay the amount.



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Wilkerson Testimonials

Wilkerson: “They Feel Like Family”

Newton’s Jewelers in Fort Smith, Ark., was a true institution. But after being at the helm for most of his life, owner (and descendent of the original founder) Kelly Newton decided it was time to retire. He chose Wilkerson to handle the sale. “I’ve known the owners of Wilkerson for a long, long time. I felt at home with them,” he says. The final retirement sale was just a “blast” and the Wilkerson sales team made it so very simple and straightforward, says Newton. Would he recommend Wilkerson to others? Absolutely. “They’ve done incredible work,” says Newton. “They feel like family.”

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