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Thieves Trick Jeweler Out of $32,000 Ring, Police Say




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Police say a couple stole a $32,000 ring from a jeweler in Oklahoma by swapping it out for a fake version.

Tim Lewis of Lewis Jewelers in Moore told KOCO-TV that the pair acted like any other couple shopping for an engagement ring.

At one point the man said he was going to his car to get his identification. Soon afterward, the woman said, “This is the ring I want and love, and, oh, I’ve got his car keys. I need to give him his car keys. I’ll be right back,” Lewis told KOCO.

She then headed out the door — but not before covertly switching out the ring.

Police are still looking for the culprits. They believe the same couple also hit businesses in Oklahoma as well as Texas.


Thieves using distraction techniques took jewelry from Honolulu Jewelers in Glendale, CA, police say. Here’s what happened, according to the Jewelers’ Security Alliace: “Two of the suspects approached the store owner as he was closing  and asked to make a quick purchase. The owner agreed and five women and one man then entered the store. One of the women bought jewelry while the others asked store employees if they could look at or try on merchandise. While the employees were distracted, a woman in the group went behind a showcase and took jewelry from an open safe. The woman then hid the jewelry in the pocket of her skirt.” Police have released surveillance photos of the suspects.INSTORE distractiontheftsuspects

Police suspect these individuals carried out a distraction theft at a jewelry store in California.

A judge has sentenced two men for their roles in a scheme that involved using fake IDs and credit cards to purchase high-dollar timepieces, Penn Live reports. Thung Van Huynh received a 70-month prison sentence, and Tong Thang Doan received a 57-month sentence. Both admitted to conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud. they were accused of fraudlently buying more than $800,000 worth of watches at more than 40 jewelry stores. Two other men have also been convicted in the case.




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