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Thinking Outside the Box About Educating Consumers



While many consumers might appear more educated about buying a diamond today, the reality is that most have only picked up some key phrases and gemological terms along the way, and try to use them in an effort to appear more knowledgeable when dealing with a jewelry sales associate or gemologist.

Whether it’s the 4c’s over the Internet or a jeweler’s in-store handout on the subject, the sheer volume of educational material out there ? and its utter blandness ? is overwhelming. Neither is it very successful in stimulating an individual’s interest in a diamond, or in seperating one jeweler from another. 

One educational piece I created and designed when I was chief marketing officer of was the ?How To Buy a Diamond Kit?. 

The kit included a CD size box that unfolded to reveal a flap explaining the four C’s and another showing life-size photographs of diamonds ranging from .50 carats to 4.0 carats. Also included was a sample GIA grading report and a handy wraparound ring-size measurer. Best of all, the kit came with a display ring holder (with flexible prongs) and four different-size rhinestone ?diamonds’ that popped into place. 

Consumers requested the kit by the thousands and there were even stories of men who gave women the box as a proposal. After that, the couple would go on to look for the real thing together. 

The comparison rhinestones help consumers compare one size diamond with another. Since many women feel that a diamond shrinks the minute it goes on their finger, these sample rhinestones can help sway the consumer to opt for a larger ?statement’ diamond. 


Retail jewelers looking to educate their shoppers and provide a marketing tool that stands out might well wish to ditch their boring brochures and opt for more creative and stimulating marketing tools. 



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