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This Retailer Says Marketing Today Requires More Than Just ‘One’




There are a lot of arguments these days relating to the number one. Some say you should put your eggs all in one basket. Others say to concentrate on just one thing at a time. Perhaps the worst thing you can do with the number one is to only rely on one type of marketing for your jewelry store. The days when you could run a full page newspaper ad on Wednesday and be rich by Saturday are gone!

Today’s jewelry store marketing requires a bit more finesse than yesteryear, and that is what I call “integrated marketing.” What do I mean by that? Simple: when you have a promotion, event or sale, don’t simply run a radio ad and expect it to be your only source of marketing. Instead, try “integrating” a radio ad with some other form of media like an email blast or social media post. Combining more than one form of media greatly increases the effectiveness of your efforts.

Let us say you’re going to have a designer trunk show. How might you promote to reach the largest audience? I’d first invite the best customers on my store’s mailing list (you do have one, don’t you?). Next, I’d combine this with a social media post along with an email blast. Maybe you could also text several of your prominent clients if you have the ability and permission to do so.

Please stop expecting one form of media advertising to bring in the lion’s share of business. Don’t believe it when you see some ad telling you, “This is the best and only way to reach your clients.” Folks are way too busy in this day and age to be reached by only one method. Get the best results possible by packaging your efforts using “integrated marketing” and watch your operation grow!

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BILL WARREN owns a successful jewelry store in the mountains of western NC. He speaks at industry events on the subjects of marketing and optimizing independent jewelry store operations. Contact him at [email protected].

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 edition of INSTORE.   



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