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Tiny Jewel Box Will Be Home to the First Rahaminov Boutique in United States

The premier diamond jewelry designer is the latest in a series of exclusive brands to recently open dedicated spaces in D.C.’s beloved fine jewelry destination.




An example piece from Rahaminov's famous Moval collection.
An example piece from Rahaminov’s famous Moval collection.

(PRESS RELEASE) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearing a century in business, Tiny Jewel Box continues to make history by being selected as the first U.S. fine jeweler to be entrusted with a Rahaminov Diamonds Boutique. Recently selected as the site for expanded showrooms dedicated to Patek Philippe and Rolex, the Rahaminov Diamonds Boutique will be the newest glittery addition to the Tiny Jewel Box experience set to be revealed late September or early October.

Diamond lovers will be delighted by the extensive Rahaminov Diamonds collection that can be shopped at D.C.’s favorite jeweler once the addition is complete. The 200 square foot boutique will display the largest selection of Rahaminov Diamond jewelry available under one roof. Paired with Tiny Jewel Box’s devotion to outstanding customer service, this new boutique is guaranteed to impress the shop’s regulars and first timers alike.

Both Tiny Jewel Box and Rahaminov Diamonds are third generation family owned businesses, so the partnership was received with excitement and honor by President Matthew Rosenheim who shared “Not only are we delighted to soon offer a more extensive range of Rahaminov’s brilliant rare cut diamonds and diamond jewelry to our loyal clients, but we do not hold a designer’s trust of this magnitude in us lightly and are truly bursting with gratitude.”

Rahaminov Diamonds is well known for its meticulously and unusually cut diamonds expertly faceted to highlight and enhance each diamond’s shape—encompassing their motto, the diamond inspires the design. This signature has won the Los Angeles based jeweler several awards. Their rare cut diamonds range from classic white to fancy colored in a dazzling array of rings, necklaces and earrings set in platinum and 18 karat gold.

Washingtonians and visitors will be able to shop the timeless and exclusive Rahaminov Diamond styles including the Flower Collection and the Movál Collection, which are cut to specific proportions to maximize the stone’s beauty, life and brilliance. The modified, elongated oval diamond of the Movál collection possesses many characteristics of a marquise cut, with the soft curves of an oval. Because each diamond is sculpted based on its unique features, each piece of jewelry is one of a kind.

Much like the list of prestigious icons that have donned Tiny Jewel Box treasures, Rahaminov Diamonds’ sophisticated pieces are no stranger to the red carpet and have graced the necks, wrists, ears and fingers of Serena Williams, Allison Janney, Amanda Seyfried, Regina King, Viola Davis, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lopez and Katie Perry, who stunned American viewers while wearing Rahaminov Diamonds to the 2021 inauguration.


Tiny Jewel Box is located on 1155 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036.



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