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Tip Sheet: November 2004



Instore presents four ideas for better business

[componentheading]PERSONA GIFT CERTIFICATES[/componentheading]

Looking for gift certificates for your staff? Try, which offers gift certificates directly from several hundred of the biggest names in travel, electronics and other desirable categories. Or order the website’s “Super Certificate”, which will let the person you’ve “gifted” (man, we hate that word) redeem their gift from any of the suppliers listed on the site.

Source: Instore

[componentheading]WATCH YOUR DIAMOND-SHOWING ROUTINE[/componentheading]

In this issue, we talk about one of the worst habits of lazy salespeople — lopping 10% off an item’s price the instant your customer raises an objection (See Page 40). Here’s another: instantly pulling out the cert whenever you show a diamond. Rid yourself of this romance-killing habit. Promise yourself that for the next one month you won’t bring out a cert when showing a diamond. Wait until the deal is done.


Source: Instore

[componentheading]USE YOUR PARKING LOT[/componentheading]

Here’s a different idea for those of you who have your own parking lot. Why not mark the different rows in your lot with signs featuring names and pictures of the different brand names you carry? Imagine a six-year-old saying, “No, Mommy, we didn’t park in Jose Hess, we parked in David Yurman.” Great branding. (Alternatively, you can put advertisements of your specials in each space.)

Source: Faith Popcorn, Eve-o-lution

[componentheading]SAY MORE WITH NOTES[/componentheading]

If you’re sending holiday cards this year, do not send a greeting with nothing but your signature. Frankly, sending nothing works better. Instead, write a short note — how about “Thinking about one of my favorite customers as the holidays approach …” or even “Happy, happy holidays to you”?


Source: Harry Beckwith, What Clients Love

[span class=note]This story is from the November 2004 edition of INSTORE[/span]



Wilkerson Testimonials

When Liquidation Is the Best Option, This Legendary Jeweler Chose Wilkerson

George Koueiter & Sons Jewelers, a 65-year old jewelry institution in Grosse Pointe, MI, had always been a mainstay in this suburban Detroit community. But when owners George and Paul Koueiter were ready to retire, they made the decision to close rather than sell. “We decided our best option to do the liquidation sale was Wilkerson,” says Paul Koueiter. The results, says George Koueiter, exceeded expectations and the process was easy. “Wilkerson just kept us in mind,” says George. “They never did anything without asking and whatever they asked us to do was just spot on.”

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