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TJS 2024 Edition – Tradition Manufacturing Meets Modern Technology (AI and 3-D Printing)

Throughout the event, networking sessions allowed for one-on-one discussions, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas and best practices.




(PRESS RELEASE) TROY, MI — TJS (The Jewelry Symposium), the jewelry industry’s annual international event dedicated specifically to the advancement of jewelry manufacturing technology, was held in Detroit, MI May 18 – 21, 2024 with over 100 attendees gathered to learn and discuss critical topics and challenges related to jewelry making in the 21st century. Seventeen esteemed international speakers from leading manufacturers and trade associations like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), PGI (Platinum Guild International) and a former WGC (World Gold Council) expert, presented to the gathering of jewelry makers, students, and specialists. Topics included traditional jewelry making techniques such as pressed metal molds and guilloche ornamentation, as well as the latest advancements in newer technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and additive manufacturing (3-D printing). Throughout the three-day event, networking sessions allowed for one-on-one discussions, mentoring of students and young professionals, as well as relationship building and sharing of ideas, inspirations, and best practices. The enthusiastic response assures the continuation of TJS with its next edition scheduled for May of 2025.

“We are delighted by the passionate response we have had to the TJS 2024 event,” says Linus Drogs, TJS board chairman. “The hottest topic proved to be AI and how artificial intelligence will affect how we make jewelry in the future. In particular, two presentations on AI’s use in predictive models for alloy composition and as a tool for jewelry design, generated much discussion and debate in the Q&A that followed the talks. In much the same way that our industry grappled with CAD (computer assisted design) decades ago, we are now faced with similar questions and inspirations about how the new AI technology will affect how jewelry is conceived, designed, and made in the future. This type of lively discourse is not really happening anywhere else in the world, making in-person events like TJS critical for our industry.”

Board member Stewart Grice, VP of Mill Products for Hoover & Strong commented, “The feedback from attendees this year was quite positive, with an overall feeling that this year was the best yet. Most importantly, we had many new attendees this year, and we published all of the papers in our first-ever TJS book. Those of us on the volunteer board are using attendee feedback to continually improve, so next year’s symposium promises to be even better.”

Attendees shared enthusiastic responses, as well:

  • Chris Ploof, founder and designer of Chris Ploof Designs, commented, “I’ve attended the Santa Fe Symposium fifteen times and now The Jewelry Symposium twice, and this year was the best event yet. There’s a strong sense of community, and the papers and presenters were world class. If you weren’t there you missed a lot. This was an incredible event for learning and networking.”
  • TJS Scholarship attendee Marilena Marchetti, recent jewelry design graduate of F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology NYC), commented, “As someone brand new to the jewelry industry, and fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to TJS, I was astounded to learn the depth of scientific research and development behind some of the hottest jewelry trends. Although the craft employs many timeless techniques, endless innovation will never cease to awe and inspire.”
  • TJS Scholarship attendee Kat Gozy, senior student at the prestigious North Bennett Street School in Boston remarked, “In addition to being introduced to a wide range of fascinating topics at TJS, I also met many wonderful industry professionals who were not only welcoming but enthusiastic to share their knowledge.”

Anyone seeking to present in 2025, TJS is now accepting abstract submissions until July 15th, 2024. Abstract forms may be downloaded here.

For more information regarding TJS, visit here, or call or email Jessa Cast at 505-450-4452 or


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