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Andrea Hill

To Resonate With Buyers Post-Pandemic, Incorporate Optimism

Your marketing needs to give out good vibrations right away.




WHILE OTHER PARTS of the world will be struggling with the pandemic for the next 2-3 years, Americans are vaxxed up and ready to spend their quarantine savings. And do you know what they’re buying?


After more than 18 months of living in fear and frustration, all faces are turning like sunflowers to the brightest light they can find. Bright palettes in fashion. Bright futures in real estate. Bright colors in computers. Bright themes in weddings.

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What are you doing to be that bright attraction for your customers?

Tiffany gets it. LVMH’s first big move in their Tiffany rebranding has been to paint Tiffany stores around the globe lemony sunshine yellow. Pre-pandemic, Tiffany blue was pretty bright — particularly for a luxury jewelry brand. But post-pandemic? Something brighter needs to be said.

Optimism is a big theme, and it’s more nuanced than simply bright colors. So let’s break it down to see what you should be considering for your in-store and online messaging to convey the feeling that consumers are looking for.


1. Show a Positive Outlook

Let’s face it: By about 10 months into the pandemic, we were all channeling a bit of Eeyore. But now it’s time for your messaging to put Pooh front and center. Look for ways to inject positive ideas in your social media, email messages, billboards, radio ads, and store signage. People want to feel good, and they will appreciate any brand that assists them to do that.

2. Encourage Appreciation

Optimists consistently demonstrate appreciation, and it’s difficult to tell whether the appreciation leads to the optimism or vice versa. Either way, appreciation is a solid value to communicate right now. It’s always good to demonstrate public appreciation for your customers, your suppliers, and your employees. Now is a great time to start.

3. Share Good News

It’s easy enough to find bad news; just open any news app. You know what’s harder to find? Good news — and optimists are consistently observed to be good-news-bearers. Jump on that with your messaging. Share customer good news stories, have a good-news of the week (or day!) social media post, and put business promotions in a good news framework, such as, “Good News! We’re having a customer night out on Tuesday!” “Good News! We have some fantastic new styles from your favorite designers!”


4. Renewal is an Important Part of Optimism

If you’re like most jewelry retailers, you managed to sell down a lot of inventory during the pandemic. Sure, it feels good to be sitting on a pile of cash for once, but this isn’t time to rest on your golden laurels. It’s time to introduce some new styles, new designers, and new ideas! Yes, buy smart — we don’t need to return to those 0.9 turns-per-year days. But get some fresh new inventory in your store and make sure everyone knows about it.

So go on … channel Pooh. You may be surprised at just how sweet the honey of optimism can be.

Andrea Hill is owner of Hill Management Group, with three brands serving the jewelry industry. Learn more at



Celebrate Your Retirement with Wilkerson

For nearly three decades, Suzanne and Tom Arnold ran a successful business at Facets Fine Jewelry in Arlington, Va. But the time came when the Arnolds wanted to do some of the things you put off while you’ve got a business to run. “We decided it was time to retire,” says Suzanne, who claims the couple knew how to open a store, how to run a store but “didn’t know how to close a store.” So, they hired Wilkerson to do it for them. When she called, Suzanne says Wilkerson offered every option for the sale she could have hoped for. Better still, “the sale exceeded our financial goals like crazy,” she says. And customers came, not only to take advantage of the going-out-of-business buys and mark-downs, but to wish a bon voyage to the beloved proprietors of a neighborhood institution. “People were celebrating our retirement, and that was so special,” says says.

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