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Together, Let’s Tell a New Diamond Story

Together, Let’s Tell a New
Diamond Story

By: Diamond Producers Association

Diamonds have always been the stuff of legends, and the basis for incredible stories. Their power to captivate and to fire the imagination is unrivaled. Even their origin is miraculous: From ancient, underground volcanic eruptions, under intense heat and pressure, gems originate, reflecting light, which for centuries have represented strength, purity, and love.

Together, Let’s Tell a New Diamond Story

Telling stories about diamonds is essentially what we in the business of marketing and selling diamonds do. From traditional print and TV advertising to a trusted local jeweler counseling an engagement ring purchaser, creating dialogues about where diamonds, dreams, and people intersect is at the core of our collective mission.

“Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond” — the category marketing platform for diamonds developed by the Diamond Producers Association — offers the industry a platform to tell stories. It is a big idea that has the power to engage purchasers on an emotional level. It is a new storytelling vehicle centered around relatable, universally understood diamond-worthy moments. 

In the campaign’s first three waves of creative, diamonds are portrayed as symbols of the authentic connection and commitment between couples, inclusive of different types of relationship stages, broadening the territory for diamond purchase. In 2017, we generated 1.2 Billion advertising impressions.

We also generated 2.5 Billion PR impressions for “Real is Rare” messages, which celebrate the beauty, rarity, and extraordinary natural history of diamonds. Through PR efforts, we remind consumers about the good that diamonds do around the world, such as supporting ten million livelihoods, and educating trade and consumers about ethical sourcing and sustainable business practices that serve as fundamental operating principles of all DPA member companies. 

It is exciting to see how much “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond” resonates with consumers. Across social media use of our hashtag, #RealisRare, has grown steadily since our launch, and now – on Instagram alone – we see more than 50,000 mentions per month. Consumers are joining the conversation through posts about the authenticity of real relationships and self-worth.

In 2018, we will invest $50 million in the US. Consumers will continue to see advertising on TV, digital, social media, print, select out-of-home, including in places where we find captive audiences – elevators and movie theaters, for example. We will also leverage the voices of our media partners and Influencers to tell Real is Rare stories through their own unique points of view. Please visit our website,, to view our content and share on your own social channels.

Visit to access  information about our key initiatives, research and insights, and campaign assets for in store use. By registering, you will also be among the first to hear upcoming announcements about new industry resources launching this year. Or, see all of DPA’s news through Twitter (@DPAssociation) and Facebook (Diamond Producers Association).

Most of all, reach out to us at to tell us what you think. We welcome any opportunity to hear your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations about “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond.”

Let’s join together to use “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond” as a storytelling platform to engage with a new generation of consumers. Imagine what we can achieve through dialogue where we exchange diamond stories and remind customers about the rarity and authenticity of diamonds, and why they are the ultimate symbol of life’s most meaningful connections.

Together, Let’s Tell a New Diamond Story Together, Let’s Tell a New Diamond Story Together, Let’s Tell a New Diamond Story Together, Let’s Tell a New Diamond Story Together, Let’s Tell a New Diamond Story