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Tom Duma

Traditional Marketing Is Not Dead, And Here’s Why

There’s no reason to rely on digital media alone.




DIGITAL MARKETING THAT produces results is not free; it’s simply another marketing channel along with TV, radio, direct mail, newspaper/magazines and billboard. Yet, these others are now referred to as “traditional” marketing — like it is the “old way” of doing things. Can traditional marketing still produce return on investment (ROI) at your point of sale?

The answer is an emphatic yes: Traditional marketing platforms are not dead but thriving and producing great ROI! Here’s why.

  • A 2017 study by MarketingSherpa showed that consumers trust newspaper ads 26 percent more than they trust search engine ads — which were the most trusted ads online.
  • A 2018 study by the Data & Marketing Association showed direct mail had a 9 percent average response rate for house lists compared to 1 percent for email, online display, paid search and social media. With a compelling call to action (CTA), you can see great ROI with direct mail.
  • Broadcast and cable television saw huge increases of viewership over the last two years, with news networks contributing to those increased numbers.
  • Since the average American spends 20 hours a week in a car, billboards can be an effective way to announce a sale/event — or you can place a specific CTA on the billboard to measure its effectiveness.
  • Radio is a powerful platform that combines a story, human interest and content. There is a connection made with listeners because of DJs and local connections. It is also a very cost-effective way to reach mass amounts of people.

Once you’ve set a marketing budget (which should be 3-10 percent of your total revenues), the next step is figuring out which platforms are going to be the best for your message. What is going to drive brand awareness most effectively? Where are you reaching more people? Look at the traffic count when selecting billboards. Remember that just posting on your social media platforms may miss many of your followers unless you do a paid campaign. Compare the numbers of the reach of a paid digital campaign to the reach of a radio flight on several different radio stations. Consider buying TV programming that has high viewership or a direct mail campaign reaching the prime neighborhoods in your designated market area.

There are so many choices in marketing that it can seem overwhelming at times. Do your research, look at what the platform is going to reach in terms of population in your desired demographic, and compare cost per thousand to determine the most cost-effective platform for your message. Perhaps pick one or two platforms to dominate and see how they produce results. Try various platforms with your next call to action to test what drives your best ROI!



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